Understanding the Rate Variations of Escort Services

There is no doubt about the fact that escorts are providing some amazing services to their clients. They not only invest their time with a client, but also give necessary attention and affection. Now, when it comes to setting their rates, there is no specific rule book. Every escort charges her fees depending on the quality of services she is providing.

If you are a new client in this industry, you will definitely find it very confusing as to how an escort sets her rate. To help you cope up, here we have mentioned a few reasons of why rates for escort services varies so much.

How does an escort set her rates?

Experience matters: Escorts who are working since a long time understand better as to how they must charge a client. On the other hand, new girls are not sure about how much they should charge, and thus set low rates for their services. So, if you are thinking that low rate means low quality of service, it is not like that. In fact, it is all about how experienced an escort is.

Looks isn’t the only thing: Yes, an escort will consider her physical appearance and sex appeal when she is deciding her rates, but this does not mean her rates are solely depended on her appearance. There are many different services that an escort offers her clients, and how good she is at delivering those services is what earns her money. Services like, role play, kissing, oral sex, penetrative sex, anal sex, and even girlfriend experience are some of the services which a LOveSita escort provides and she charges differently for each and every service.

Risk involved is much higher: When an escort gets intimate with a client, she is risking her health and life. She might get infected with STDs like gonorrhea, chlamydia, or HIV while having sex with a client, and thus her higher rates are like a compensation for the risk she is talking on job. Besides, she has to go for regular medical checkups to ensure her and her clients’ safety.  

Rates may vary depending on the location: Depending on where the escort is working, her rates may vary a lot. For instance, in big cities where the cost of living is pretty higher, escorts will charge higher amounts for their services. However, on the other hand, in small towns and cities, rates are much competitive. So, as the city and town grows, escorts change their rates.

Extra services count: There are many extra services that an escort may provide depending on the situation. For instance, she may dance to please you or set you in the right mood, or she may give you a nice and relaxing body massage after a steamy blow job. Lastly, it completely depends on an escort as to what she wants to charge for her services. Her job is after all exhausting, both emotionally and physically. So, if you are planning to book an escort anytime soon, don’t argue with her rates. Although, if you are finding an escort very pricey, simply move to the next best option.

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