Tips To Follow While Evaluating A Collocation Data Centre

If you access to a high-speed internet connection, you can think of actually moving your data center to a collocation center. But before making the move, it is necessary that you closely observe the infrastructure of the center and make sure that it could work out for you and would act as a good guard for your data as well.

If you are in search of a collocation center in Florida, Data Site Atlanta offers you the best services in the region. You can schedule a tour with them and witness the excellent services offered by them. Some of the tips to keep in mind while choosing a data collocation center are:

Sufficient power

It is important that there is appropriate supply of power in the data center for all the operations to take place. The demand of power has been increasing in recent years and the data center must have sufficient supply of it. There must be some preparation for the power backup in case of a blackout and proper measures must be taken.

Facility location

The location of the collocation center lays an important role in determining whether you would choose it or not. The center must be easily accessible to all the services and must be in the middle of the city. The center must not be in places which are prone to any geographical disasters.


There must be security in the data center, both internal as well as external. Not any random person should be allowed to enter into the premises of the data center and it should be restricted only to the authorized individuals. There must be services for the protection of data as well as protection of the people working in it. There must be camera surveillance in the area and the doors must be well protected.


The data center must provide you with ample amenities so that the employees can work comfortably and give efficient results. There must be a good comfortable environment which offers a good accommodation to the employees. There must be some availability of food and coffee in the center and basic amenities must be there.


Make sure that the center is well-maintained by the owner from time to time and that there is proper care taken of the place. There must be regular check-ups of the infrastructure of the place and the redundancy systems must be kept in check. The power backup systems of the center must also be checked regularly so that they are not out of service when need be. There must be a monthly inspection of all the units and the facilities available in the data center and proper care should be taken.


Hence one must consider all these factors while taking a collocation center on a lease. It is necessary that you evaluate the center well and consider all the options before starting work there. You must research well and only after physically visiting each of the centers, you should choose the one which you think would be apt for the job.

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