What Are the Best Safety Tips to Safeguard New Gas and Oil Workers at The Workplace?

Expansion and progress in the oil & gas industry have resulted firms to work on more projects and enhance operations. This results in increase in demand for talented workers. The newly hired employees can be more prone to workplace injuries, but oil & gas firms take steps to safeguard employees by preventing accidents, improve retention rates and reduce costs of compensation of workers.

Steps to protect workers on the job site

There are three important steps that employers have taken to safeguard its workers. This comprises of: forming a comprehensive orientation program for new employees, a mentorship program, and an organization specific “short service employee” program for initial 6 months of their duty.

New employees perform these procedures with more experienced workers.https://www.novaspect.com/ is one of the most recognized firms that provide specialized control valves, pneumatic actuators, and valve repair to assist manufactures integrate them efficiently in their existing procedures.

Orientation for newly hired employees

Orientation is a very crucial aspect of the hiring procedure. Prior to enabling new recruitment of employees on the construction site, employers can even train new recruits on the safety procedures and work expectations of company. Incorporation of the safety rules of the company into training and orientation of new recruits.

Highlight the significance of abiding to the safety laws and getting the recruits to sign a commitment letter to adhere to the rules. The firm also provided documentation of the standard operating procedures, which includes snapshots of employees undertaking tasks in a right and safe manner.

A Short-Term Service Employee Program

Orientation is just the starting of any safety training for new recruits. A short-term service employee program is useful to ensure high-end safety for subcontractor, new workers, or temporary employee at the time of 6 months on the workplace.

The programs add flexibility to a firm, by training its employees in various areas at the time of this SSE period. “Short term service employees” is an employee who has a year or less than a year experience on a specific kind of job.

New hires get benefitted from training procedures that make them introduced to specific processes at the new construction sites. This program lasts for nearly 6 months for newly hired employees, but those who have an industry experience can finish from their SSE program quite sooner once they showcase appropriate knowledge.

A Mentor Program

Mentoring programs are beneficial in an SSE program. This program offers a way to handover knowledge and skills to newly hired employees. This eases them to take them a new role. Mentors should require developing confidence in the SSE mentees. By working in close association on a daily basis, a mentor can perceive the development of mentee and require any additional training.


Having proper policies, taking employee through efficient orientation via the SSE program helps firms to safely onboard their employees. It enhances longevity among skilled workers. As these workers get more and more experienced, firms also make them ready to become effective and hands-on counselors of newly hired employees.


Let us look at some of the important safety tips that will protect your workers from any danger at the workplace.

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