Intelligent Ways To Waterproof Your Smartphone In This Monsoon Season

Almost everyone eagerly waits for the rainy season. However, rains can act as a danger to your smartphone. To protect your expensive accessory, it is important to take the best measures to save it from rainwater at all costs. One of the best ways that you can do is to waterproof your smartphone. It is a cheaper, quick and easiest way to safeguard it from rainwater.

Here, in this article, we are going to tell you a few smart ways to protect your smartphone in rainy season.

Get a raincoat

We all cover ourselves from rains by wearing raincoats. In a similar way, why not protect mobile phones with raincoats. From the term raincoats, it implies buying a mobile cover or case for your phone. It acts as a way to provide waterproofing to your mobile phone.

You can get such case in several beautiful colors, transparent and catchy designs too. All you need is to wrap your phone in these cases and close its ends with the help of tape. This will ensure protection of your electronic accessory during a downpour. MyPhonePouchis one of the best companies that sell durable, reasonably priced and stylish mobile phone case and covers for a wide range of mobile phones.

Go hands-free

This is another simple and effective ways to protect your phone from coming in contact of water. The best way to use phone when it is raining is to now take it out at all as a single drop of water is sufficient to cause damage to it. You can invest in a hands-free set by buying a Bluetooth earphone.

Nowadays, you can get them in several renowned brands like iBall, Apple, etc. at a very competitive price. Not just it shows your swagger, but also saves your phone from damages due to water. 

Using tempered glass

Another very useful and popularly known method for preventing your phone to come in contact with water is the use of tempered glass. These types of glasses are first heated followed by cooling with the help of thermal and chemical technology. This makes the glass very durable in comparison to other types of screen protectors.

Not just these glasses are resilient towards scratches, shock and fingerprints, such glass screen protector aids in effectively waterproofing your cellphone. When planning to buy tempered glass, it is advised to always settle for a good quality glass as in cheap ones, there is always a possibility for the water to seep around the edges.

What to do if water goes inside the phone?

If even after performing all these measures, you can’t prevent your phone to remain untouched from water, then perform the below steps:

  • Turn it off.
  • Remove the memory card, battery and SIM card from the phone.
  • Wipe it gently using a tissue or an absorbent cloth.
  • Soak it in uncooked rice.
  • Don’t switch it on till 72 hours.

Conclusion Though we all love rains, but they come with possibilities to cause harm to your phone. Waterproofing your phone is one of the effective and simplest ways to protect it from any type of liquid. All of these are some of the brilliant ways by which you enjoy monsoon season while being rest assured of its protection.

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