MusicDigi vs CDBaby vs Tunecore: Where Do I Sell My Music

Hey, all the music creators. All set with your pre-recording and post-recording albums. Thinking about how to sell your music with the leading streaming providers such as Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and many more. You can either opt to go with leading studios or simply get in touch with online distributors such as MusicDigi, CDBaby, Tunecore to name a few.

Before you sign-up with any of the online distributors, you should go through a close comparison of both the inclusions and exclusions. Almost all of them have a bit of variation in terms of the extra services they offer. You should judge and ascertain the target audience before you put your music on SpotifyGoogle Play, Radio stations.

To make things a bit easy, the following comparison will guide you in the process to select the music distribution company.


The pricing plans vary from distributor to distributor. The following is the tentative price structure.

  • MusicDigi charges $39.99 / year. You can upload n number of songs and albums. 
  • Tunecore has separate plans. For multiple albums, it charges $35.99 for the first year and $59.99 thereafter. For a single album, it charges $11.99 / year.
  • CDBaby offers standard and pro options starting from $29 per album to $69 per album. 

From the pricing point of view, MusicDigi stands to gain as it has more to offer.

Release options

All the three – MusicDigi, CDBaby and Tunecore have extensive reach covering almost all the major stores and platforms. But what differs is MusicDigi gives the option to re-release your album. If you are not satisfied with the way the release has gone or if you wish to modify it, MusicDigi will take it down and release it without charging extra. 

In the case of CDBaby and Tunecore, you are not allowed to edit your releases. You will have to repay again for any modification required.

Make additional money

MusicDigi can help you in minting more money with the help of Youtube/Facebook/Instagram monetization. This is included in the base price of MusicDigi whereas CDBaby has an addon option and charges extra for all the add-on packs.

Selling ringtones

Selling ringtones helps in generating money if the cost is less than what you are earning. MusicDigi has one-time charges for the service for as little as $4.95. Tunecore and CDBaby have charges depending on the album. Generally, it starts from $19.99 / year.

Charges for UPCs

UPC is the unique bar code. It can be assigned for the lifetime to an entire album or single release. CDBaby and Tunecore have separate charges depending on the single release or album. On the other hand, you don’t need to pay a penny to MusicDigi for either UPC, ISRC and that too retaining your label.

Payment splitting

MusicDigi offers a payment splitting option whereas you won’t get the same in CDBaby and Tunecore.


The support at every stage can be very helpful for you to get the release on time and give you good exposure. MusicDigi offer dedicated support staff to help in the compilation, creating customizable label name and so on. CDBaby and Tunecore lack enough support in case you are starting from scratch. You don’t have playlist plugging, marketing support to expand your fan base.

From the above, it can be concluded that MusicDigi is the only distributor that has extensive package deals that can prove noteworthy for the new budding artist. Not to forget, it also provides a spotifying window that helps in placing your album in Spotify’s premium slot.

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