4 significant tips to help you write an argumentative essay

An argumentativejust like the name implies is an essay that presents an argument. It is an essay that talks about a topic that can stir up an argument, for example, teenage pregnancy, female genital mutilation, homosexually, etc.

In a word, your topic selection must give you a scope to debate. It will allow you to make an argument for and against it. However, in every case, you must provide valid information to establish your logic. Your writing should be informative and educative. To do this, you must think clearly and logically.

That said, you may be wondering exactly how you can write an excellent essay in this particular style, especially if you’ve not done one before. Well, don’t worry this article provides you with some significant tips that will help you write an effective argumentative essay, find them below;

  1. Introduce your topic

Just like in any academic essay, an argumentative essay also needs an introduction. It plays a significantrole, and thus your introduction and opening paragraph must be very catchy to grab the attention of the readers. It must be a topic of public interest. You should never write about a topic dealing with your problem. Your introduction should be very clear and keen to give you an impression that you are going to discuss on an interesting topic. Your point of argument should be very clear to make people know your point of view- whether you are in support of the argument or against it.

  1. Explain the importance of the topic

When writing an argumentative essay, you need to let your readers know why the topic is important and how it could help them find a perfect solution. This is of importance as it contributes to arouse the readers’ interest in the topic and their need to read more of the essay.

  1. Present two sides of the controversy

Remember that you are presenting an argument and thus you have to give two sides of the argument. Thisis often reflected in the body of the essay. It is here that you state your main argument as well as where you present two sides of the controversy mentioning the pros and cons of each side.

Once you are done presenting the two sides of the controversy, you need to also explain to the reader why your point is right. This you have to do with the support of strongevidence, statistics, and facts which have to be stated clearly and with comprehension.

  1. Conclude your argument

In the last stages of your essay, you need to prepare a conclusion which should not only restate your opening argument but also has to include points that strengthen your overall essay. A strongconclusionhelps the reader to identify with your stand on the arguments and also to understand why it is the correct one.

Bonus tip: avoid emotional language

Don’t use any emotional language in the essay. It will weaken your logical conclusion and supportive information.

Writing a good argumentative essay is not difficult provided you first properly do your research and have a solid outline which you refer to frequently.Argumentative essay examples are the best way to approach your essay and can provide strong information about a topic with the facts and evidence to support it.

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