How to Choose the Best Satellite Internet Provider

Choosing an internet service provider is one of the most tedious and frustrating chores you can face. Broadband is the industry standard, so while you’ve probably narrowed down your choices to broadband, there are still many providers to choose from. Satellite internet service providers, however, can provide some advantages that other providers can’t. Here’s what you need to know about satellite internet so that you can find the best satellite internet provider.

Remote Locations

Satellite internet is advantageous because it works well in remote locations. Some mid-sized cities in the United States are still subject to small-town internet providers at a more expensive rate because the providers offering lowering prices only provide service around metropolitan areas. A satellite signal, on the other hand, can reach almost anywhere in the world without the obstacles of oceans, the Earth’s curvature, and natural and man-made obstacles that other internet providers face. Satellite internet is easy and quick to install in any location.

High Speed

Some people worry that since satellite internet isn’t as popular as other types of internet. It can’t compete in terms of speed. However, a good satellite internet service offers speeds equal to or greater than many DSL connections.

Mobile Capabilities

Internet service through satellite can be provided through fixed or mobile equipment. As long as the satellite dish has a clear line of site, the internet can be used from any location with mobile equipment as well.


Internet service provided via fiber optic cables can not only be expensive to install, since the laying of fiber itself is expensive. It can also take a long time to get availability to some locations. Satellite is often more cost-effective because of the reduced installation costs.


A common frustration with internet users is when there are outages. The chances of a network outage are significantly less with satellite internet than with cable or DSL because there are more chances for an outage to occur along the infrastructure of DSL or cable. There are fewer chances of outages with satellite internet because the network only consists of a satellite, teleport, and VSAT terminal.

Constant Access

Satellite internet doesn’t require you to rely on a cable or phone line. The connection is always active, so you never have to wait for the internet to connect. In addition, with the best satellite internet provider, you can use multiple devices wirelessly as with other type of internet.

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