Fashion that’s Fast and Affordable

When it comes to combining fashion and technology, Puma is a clear leader.  You would expect that from a brand inspired by the power and prowess of a sleek cat.  From the earliest days of the company when German engineering initiated key components of the fit and performance of their unique soccer shoes, improving athleticism has been the primary goal.  Fast forward to their latest releases under the IGNITE PWRCOOL banner, and once again, Puma takes great strides to make sure you do, too.  IGNITE’S shock-absorbing technology improves the speed of the wearer by optimizing energy recovery when running.  Whether you’re running down the competition, or running against your personal best, you get the greatest burst of speed and energy when you run with IGNITE PWRCOOL.

Not only do the shoes perform well, they look good, and when those two things combine, there’s a boost of confidence that helps you keep it all together, whether in competition or at play.  And those who desire both should search the Groupon site to obtain discounts on the latest arrivals at Puma.  You can save on athletic apparel and accessories for every sport imaginable.  They offer 40% off on their current back to school deals, and shipping is free with no minimums.  A quick look at their list of Ambassadors reveals a stellar line-up including such heavies as Usain Bolt, Mario Bolatelli, Rhianna Fenty and Kylie Jenner.  What they bring to the brand is not so much star power, but the acknowledgement of the star power that’s within us all.

Groupon puts those stars within reach with real savings such as 35% off men’s sneakers, and 50% off women’s shoes.  And it’s easy to qualify for free shipping, and you can place your order from your smart phone.  With the cooler weather approaching, make sure you stock up on long sleeve tops and hoodies, for yourself and other members of the family.  There’s something for everyone at every age, from adults down to the Puma X Tiny Cotton loving toddlers.  Puma’s use of technology to enhance the speed and endurance is a testament to its slogan, “Forever Faster.”  Judging by the looks of the hot new kicks brought to the line by the likes of Puma X Fenty, they can add to that “Forever Fashionable.”

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