Finding the Right Inside Sales Software

Having a solid inside sales team is one of the most important assets to your business. But without the right inside sales software, your team’s skills will only get you so far. To truly get the most out of your team, you’ll need nothing short of a world-class program. This means your team won’t be wasting time working duplicate or cold leads, calling wrong numbers, or speaking to people who will never buy from you. Good inside sales tracking software will include an advanced dialer with smart lists to help them reach more prospects, automatically record calls for training and quality assurance purposes, prevent misdials by providing a quick dial option, and countless other features.

Global Management

One feature that many inside sales software solutions are implementing is a global-scale management structure. For widespread companies, it’s important to be able to maintain uniformity in processes and training. These programs review performance of all sales teams worldwide, meaning that reporting, training, and call coaching can take place from anywhere in the world. Not only does this simplify the management of your sales team specifically, it greatly improves compliance and the maintenance of company standards. A global management structure allows for consistent and sustainable growth in your location and worldwide.


A good software solution will certainly have CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, as its foundation. CRM has a comprehensive system that allows your sales reps to track and manage your existing accounts, leads, prospects, and contacts. It is paramount that you have a system that maintains a uniformity of information across the board, and CRM provides that foundation. It will allow you to conduct informed calls and conversations with prospects and contacts.


Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is another crucial component to an effective inside sales software solution. This will greatly improve efficiency, as your sales reps will be able to click-dial, or, even better, use an automated dialer to dramatically increase outbound calling. It should also include an inbound call routing system, eliminating the need to constantly transfer calls. These features will increase your connecting call volume and thereby your closing rate.

Marketing Automation 

A built-in marketing automation feature will enable your team to manage your individual marketing campaigns, with options for email, web, mobile and social marketing enterprises. This will give your team the ability to generate more leads through a detailed system that tracks and develops prospects into qualified contacts.

Social Profiles and Online Meetings 

Many of the most effective sales software solutions use direct integration with social profiles—typically LinkedIn—to allow contacts and prospects to personalize their relationships with prospects. This also extends to an online meetings feature, which allows sales teams to organize and conduct preliminary meetings with new contacts.

It’s crucial that the software you select includes the features listed above. Any combination of additional features can only serve to enhance the capabilities of your sales team, but without these ones in particular, your sales team might struggle to reach their full potential. Consulting this list while you shop will ensure you find the program that’s right for you and your team.

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