Get Familiar with The Different Types of Copywriting to Increase Opportunities of Finding a Job

Copywriting involves writing ads or promotional material texts for billboards, brochures, emails, catalogues, websites, and more. It is a trillion-dollar industry. Unlike editorial or news writing copywriting is everything about getting your target audience to take action. It can be in the form of making purchase or engage them with your business, product or services. Copywriters are referred as ‘Salesman in print’.

When you apply for copywriting jobs online then make sure to look for one you are comfortable with. There are different kinds of copywriting, so you need to be familiar with them first.

Different kinds of copywriting

SEO copywriting

This type concentrates mainly on article visibility. You will find it written in promotional tone or informative purpose but the main objective will be to create one that will gain top search engine ranking.

SEO writers intend to write the precise keywords, which are repeated within the content. It is called keyword density, which is needed to be around 2%. For example, if the article is of 500 words then the keyword can be repeated 9 to 10 times.

Content copywriting

Content writers deals with a single topic like delivering information and updates to consumers regarding a specific website. It usually includes step-by-step guidelines, how-to-do content, do-it-yourself information and lots more. However, the content needs to engage readers and convert them into loyal consumers.

Sales copywriting

Sales copywriter needs to be creative in motivating the readers to patronize a brand. It includes plenty of persuasive style, which induces readers to take action. Basically, sales writers have a background in marketing and sales. Learning sales curve is difficult and needs intense creative writing skills and technological competence.

Advertising copywriting

Ad copywriters create slogans, taglines, and memorable headlines. People remember these easily from broadcast media. Ad is highly concentrated layout, where images, design and words work together closely. Ad copywriters need to come with original and strong ideas under pressure, which sell products.

Technical copywriting

Technical copywriter needs to possess extensive knowledge related o a specific industry. Writing about some chemical can be hard for common writers, but a chemist can handle it well because he/she has intense familiarity with this topic. So, you can say technical writers are not specialized writers. However, in technical and scientific field this kind of copywriting is vital.

Freelance copywriting

Freelance writer writes directly for customers. Generally, they are sole trader or self-employed. Organizations needs many kinds of written materials like brochures, websites, product description, press release, case studies, internal documents, presentations, and more. Freelance copywriting services can be for short or long-term duration.

Basically, freelancers offer a proposal, work on the project, revise copy as per feedback, and submits invoice on approval. Freelance copywriters develop shallow to broad knowledge about different business sectors, which enables them to deal with the needs of new customers, quickly.


Copywriters involve in creating emails, online ads, commercial jingles, product catalogues, leaflets, press releases, social media posts, and more. Copywriters do a mix of writing described above. Therefore, if you wish to adapt copywriting career then master multiple writing skills related to the above types and increase your chances to find writing projects.

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