proper queue management

Improving customer experience through proper queue management

Most of you have been in situations where you were made to stand in a queue for more time than normal. It could have been in a bank, a learning institution‘s office, airport, or a retail shop. It doesn’t matter where, but the fact that you have had that annoying experience is enough to make you appreciate the significance of a well-managed queue in customer service delivery.

The process where customers are efficiently moved into, across and out of a waiting line is known as queue management. In quite a lot of industries where the best of practices are conducted, managing a queue has become an integral component.

The advent of technology has brought about many realchanges in the queue management domain. While it used to be all about getting customers in and out of a business premise as quickly as possible, now there are numerous other options, many of which are designed to improve customer’s overall experience with mostbusinesses.

Managing and scheduling appointments

Today is it is easier for clients to book and schedule appointments without having to be there physically. Online appointment managers and schedulers, in essence, have revolutionized the way customer service is delivered. Moreover, customers will appreciate a situation where they can schedule their appointments with ease and convenience.

This option saves customers a lot of time, money and eliminates the stress of having to go back and forth in line trying to get an appointment. Plus, the process is also cost effective for your business.

Queue flow and allocation

A properly flowingqueue ensures that a customer is sent to the appropriate representative – the first time. A self-service kiosk or reception system will allow customers to stand in line, choose their need as per the system requirement and is then allocated a representative that will best address their need. Once theallocationis done, the customer can then move to the assignedrepresentative and wait for thenext in line.

This is a good system for banks and financial institutions.

Display signage

Having a digital display in the waiting bay/lounge will help keep your customersentertained while they wait. This will reduce boredom and feelings of annoyance just in case the wait turns out to be a long one.

The digital signage can also be used to inform customers of their place in the queue and how much longer they will be waiting. Customers can also be alerted through these screens that they are next for appointment. Thishelps to provide for efficient formations and a smooth flow of the same. It also sets standards for customer service expectations.

SMS Alerts

SMS Alerts are a brilliant way to ensure that the clientsleave only after they have been served. Some customers won’t be patient enough to wait until their turn comes, they will, therefore,choose to leave and come back later or just leave for good.

Sending alerts to customers when it is close to their turn in line will help to stop them from feeling like they are justwasting time.

If you believe that it is thetime your business got installed with a queue management system, provides solutions that will not only bring in improved customer experience but will also put your businesson a higher pedestal where customers find comfort and convenience when having their needs sorted out.

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