Join the 21st Century With Online Fax

Let’s face it, faxing documents is often not the most convenient way of sending information to someone else. With large, bulky systems that can be confusing at the best of times, and a slow speed that doesn’t allow you to easily have the document on your computer, faxing may seem outdated and unnecessary.

However, the main advantage to faxing is the amount pf security it provides for your important documents, so it should not be discounted off hand. Online fax can solve many of traditional faxing’s problems, without the drawbacks. When you team up with the best online fax service, you will be able to realize these benefits for yourself.

Keep Safe

Sending important confidential documents via email can be a risky proposition. While encryption can offer some amount of protection, anything you send via email will be vulnerable to hackers who will not hesitate to use that information to their advantage. Faxing, on the other hand, sends data with the help of old fashioned copper landlines, making them nearly possible to intercept. By using online fax, you will be able to keep all of the superior security of fax systems.

So Convenient

One of the reasons people transmit documents via email is how convenient it is. You can simply load up a document and send it via your email application, which you probably already have open on your computer. This can be a disaster for security. Online faxing solves this problem, by allowing you to view and send faxes via a simple interface on your computer. When you can combine security and convenience you get a recipe for success.

Keep a Digital Copy

With a traditional fax, when you want to save a copy on your computer, you will need to scan the fax that you receive. This might not be such a problem if the original document wasn’t already scanned once to send the file. By scanning twice, you run the risk of the quality of the document degrading with each scan. Online faxing saves you from this problem by taking the second scan out of the equation, letting you simply download the file on to your computer. You also avoid wasting paper that the fax prints for documents that you only want a digital copy of.

Whatever your business, with the best online fax service on your team, you can combine security, and convenience for the best method of transferring important documents.

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