Looking For Suitable Attorney Against Cyber Bullying?

Technology seems to be progressing much faster than the creation of cyber laws for protecting against misuse. As a result, advocates who are making an attempt to put an end to online threat and harassment have to depend on lawsuits and tort laws established decades prior the internet was used extensively. However, advocates are finding their ways back and making use of the latest laws, while addressing online harassment cases.

Many people with IT background have started taking interest in legal aspects for the various online crimes that are getting noticed. Governments of various countries have also realized this issue, so they are trying to form various rules and regulations to confront various cyber crimes that are often reported on the media.

Revenge porn is growing

It is common that every now and then sexually explicit pictures of some famous celebrity go viral. It is done with an intention to embarrass the victim. Revenge or non-consensual porn incidents against teenagers and women are escalating rapidly. It is a grave offense and the involved person’s reputation gets damaged, mistrust develops within the family and it can result into a breakdown of relationship or divorce.

Once a person gets attacked with revenge porn on social websites then it is wise to look for a suitable legal person for help in filing a case and revenge porn removal. Sometimes it is very difficult to trace the offender as such kind of crime can be committed from any corners of the world.

Some of the examples of revenge porn are as follows

  • Releasing certain private photographs very intimate in nature. Usually, such crimes are committed by ex -boyfriend or ex-girlfriend or ex-husband or ex-wife. Such cases can come under invasion of privacy.
  • Certain private emails or profile uploaded on some social media may get hacked. This data may be used to create fake profile and post outrageous statements or damaging information. This invites criticism from others, which is targeted to the real user. Therefore one needs the help of the attorney to identify the anonymous person, who created the fake profile and request the social media personnel to remove the account.

Cyber bullying is escalating

When you experience social media issues given below then it is the time to contact social media lawyer.

Some social media cases


  • Cyber harassment
  • Stalking
  • Privacy violation
  • Identity theft
  • Defamation
  • Phishing

How to tackle internet defamation to manage reputation?

People who are involved in various businesses need to maintain better online reputation to conduct their business. Many professionals often complain about bad review against them with false and defamatory statements. Many film stars and politicians complain about circulation of their private pictures to create false impression associated with their character and reputation.

Expert legal professionals know how to remove revenge porn with the help of lawsuits and help the affected person to restore their reputation to some extent. However this field is evolving as most of the authorities have started to realize the importance of better cyber laws. Therefore many different new laws are being framed in order to manage the reputation of common public because of cyber bullying practice.

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