How to Make Your Website Pop?

In this digital age, almost every business, large or small, has a website. But, for smaller business, a lot of their traffic starts on the web, and having an engaging website that pulls in visitors is key to turning leads into sales. There are many tools out there for creating websites, but not many know how to take full advantage of these often-free services. However, with careful planning and a few personal touches, you can create a stunning website that is sure to bring your business. Once you’ve found the free website creator that works best for you, consider these tips to really make it stand out among the rest.


This might go without saying, but a vibrant color scheme can go a long way into engaging a potential customer. But, it’s important that you be careful when choosing your colors. Vibrant colors are good, but if you’re choosing something like hot pink as your main color, supplementary color should not clash. Different shades of the same color might not clash, but it can look too bland and unappealing to a visitor. It takes just the right amount of contrast, so experiment with different color palettes until you find the right one that’s both vibrant and not overbearing.

Also, use white to your advantage. If you plan on a minimalistic look for your page, the use of whitespace can aid in clarity and readability, especially if you’re focusing on engaging on-site content.

Dynamic Content

When visitors click on your site, they expect to be greeted and given all the necessary information about what the company does and how they do it. Image is incredibly important, so creating unique content across different kinds of media can really make a visitor want to explore your company deeper. A good way to do this is to regularly update blog posts or even create an introductory video right on the landing page.

Fast and User-Friendly Interface

The great thing about a free website maker is that they can bring an elegant simplicity to your website. Nowadays, people expect a website that will work at all times and is easy to use. This is why you don’t want a clunky and slow website that is sure to frustrate visitors, which in turn can take a toll on your business goals. Before even promoting your site, make sure it loads quickly and that every element on it is easy to find. Not only that, but in an age where people are constantly on their phones, you need to make sure the site is mobile-friendly as well.

A well-designed website can bring a big boost to your business. So, don’t splash a few images and blogs here and there. Carefully plan your website design with the help of a free website creator and you’re sure to craft an elegant site that really puts your company’s image in a good light.

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