Secure Your Network By Staying Up to Date With Cyber Security News

Today’s cyber security climate is radically different than it was when the internet was first invented. Traditional antivirus software has generally been focused on keeping malicious software out of your network via firewalls and malware protection. This approach was effective for many years because attackers’ methods were predictable and basic. Today, however, there are endless ways that attackers can breach your network’s security. Technology has advanced so to the point where keeping your network protected can be a daunting task. This is why endpoint detection and response (or EDR) programs are absolutely crucial in keeping your enterprise’s data and sensitive information secure. The ideal company will regularly educate you and themselves on the ever-evolving cyber security news environment to keep you protected. Here are a few ways this will keep you one step ahead of attackers.

Community Protection

In our current cyber security environment, it often takes a village to keep your network fully protected. The ideal EDR program will facilitate a community approach to security, allowing you to connect with enterprises around the world to exchange ideas and techniques that will give you the utmost protection. This concept functions similarly to a neighborhood watch or sports program. This hive mind setup will provide you with data from all major industries, including each industry’s top ten organizations. You will also have access to intelligence from 5000+ customer deployments, as well as known and unknown threat visibility in real time. With nearly 1000 security experts within such a community, you’ll be sure to receive all the best intelligence and cyber security news.


As you’ve surely experienced at this point in our internet-centric security environment, attackers are constantly adapting, meaning your organization has to do the same. Your data is consistently under attack, many times without you even realizing it. The threat landscape is ever evolving, and you have likely experienced a shortage of security experts and ineffective processes. Security provided by an EDR-based company takes a new approach, offering you the flexibility you need in tight situations. This includes on-demand expertise, an extension to your already-staffed security team that can provide additional support and continuous network monitoring, as well as consultation when needed.

Simplification of Security Operations

A constantly fluctuating security climate means your team is likely stretched thin most of the time, always educating themselves but feeling one step behind attackers and their methods. EDR simplifies security operations, providing your team with a basic set of processes to keep your network safe and easy access to cyber security news. This allows you to prioritize alerts, decrease response times and improve your security staff’s efficiency.

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