Sever Expansion: SSD or HDD?

Are you frequently deleting files to make space for new data on your server? If so, it may be time to upgrade your storage solution and expand your data capacity. HP Storage Works offers a variety of storage solutions to expand your compatible server with different price points and storage capacities. But there’s an additional variable to consider when searching for expansion solutions: the type of storage solution your upgrade should use.

If you’ve been searching for HP storage expansions, you may have come across systems which offer HDD and SSD storage at very different price points. To determine which solution is right for your business and budget, continue reading below.

What Does HDD Mean?

Hard disk drives, more frequently called HDDs, are the most affordable storage option. Although the technology underlying HDDs is over half a century old, they remain a viable option for many businesses and home users who value storage capacity over longevity. HDDs use a spinning circular disk called a data platter to store information and retrieve data using a mechanical arm. The faster the data platter can spin – or the higher its revolutions per minute – the faster the HDD can be expected to perform.

So if you’re considering using the affordable HDD technology for your HP Storage Works, balance your performance needs with your capacity requirements and elect for the highest RPMs possible.

What Does SSD Mean?

Unlike an HDD’s reliance on the mechanical arm for retrieving and writing data, an SSD has no moving parts. Since the mechanical process is eliminated, an SSD performs faster and experiences significantly less hardware failures. Current estimates of modern SSDs project a data lifespan of around two centuries. Additionally, the inert nature of the SSD makes it less susceptible to damage from drops and bumps, making it an especially apt choice for mobile computers.

You may be wondering, “Why bother with an HDD at all?” Although it’s true that SSDs offer better performance, they also require significantly more funds for the same storage capacity offered by the older HDD.

Which Is Better?

Ultimately, choosing between SSDs or HDDs for your HP Storage Works will be determined by your unique business needs.Depending on the nature of your business, storage capacity may outweigh the need for guaranteed data integrity or vice versa. For those seeking more immediate storage solutions with tight budgets, HDDs may be the best choice, while those with roomier budgets can expect greater future returns from SSDs.

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