Website Building is Easier Than Ever Before

Recent statistics report well over one billion websites currently circulating around the worldwide web. Historically, building a website was complicated work, beyond the skill-set of most. You hired knowledgeable, but expensive, site-builders who were proficient at writing code.

Like any industry, the internet is evolving. Today, you can build your own website from the comfort of your office, living room, or even your couch, with around the clock customer support only a click away. Look for the easiest website builder to create your own.

A comprehensive, simple website builder should include:

Domain and Hosting

Your domain name is your online identification. You want something catchy for marketing purposes, yet it also needs to be easy enough for your potential consumers to remember. Choose a company that helps you craft and secure the perfect domain. Many will host your domain for no additional charge.


Gone are the days of complicated html code. Do-it-yourself web designers have done all the work for you. You simply pick from a stock number of layout designs, then drag and drop your content to make it your own.


Display your work in an online portfolio. Choose the look that matches your product’s image. Most companies offer ample room for you to narrate your portfolio. 


Create a self-streaming revenue through your website. Be warned, some website builders limit the number of shop items you can upload or upcharge you significantly. Know your market numbers before you commit. 


Every good site needs a blog. This is a place to post the day-in and day-out workings of your company. It also allows you to link to other sites you want your customers to visit, as well as offering a space for shameless self-promotion.


Apps are the new software on every device in our homes, cars, and phones. Be sure the site-builder you choose has the app-connectivity you desire.


How much does it cost? The answer varies, but most companies offer a fourteen-day free trial with no strings attached. If you have start-up time, you may want to shop around. Play with sites for two weeks and see if you like the functionality of them. If you are on a deadline, choose the site that best matches your budget. 

Ucraft joins a host of mobile design companies as one of the easiest website builder. Whether you are starting a new business venture, doing non-profit work, or creating a virtual resume, making your own website can be simple and fun.

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