Security is a major part of our lives, both at home and in the workplace. It’s a sad fact of life that there are some people who are less than honest, and we need to protect ourselves against them. This means not only keeping our personal belongings secure, but also any valuable equipment that may be present in a house or office.

What is the best way to ensure the highest level of security? At one point you would have employed a security guard to roam your premises and make sure that things were all good, but that’s an expensive and somewhat inefficient option, especially given the technology we have at hand these days.

CCTV is a very popular way of keeping an eye on things. The ability to film using a series of cameras, in the most vulnerable places, is very much a benefit, yet CCTV does have its downsides. One is that the picture quality from some of the less expensive cameras can be very poor. Another is that they record images that need to be played back, and they can be limited to a few hours of content.

What’s the answer to this problem? It has to be remote monitored CCTV, which is by far the best and most effective method of ensuring your premises are as secure as they can be. Remote monitored CCTV means there is someone on hand, ready to watch your footage live – in real time – when needed, and it is a very clever system that is widely used.


Whereas a standard CCTV system will largely be an in-house system – and they can be effective in many situations – the remote monitored CCTV is connected to a third-party service provider, one like ReSure. They have a team present in a control room 24-hours a day, ready to respond to any alerts.

Your cameras and alarm system will be fitted with sensors; when one of these is triggered – i.e. when somebody crosses the boundary or movement is detected in some areas – the control room will be notified and an operative will begin monitoring your feed. This means that your cameras are not running all the time, so you get longer life and more efficient service.

One of the major benefits of the remote monitored system is that the operative can send an audible message to the potential intruder, warning them that they are being watched, and that the security services have been alerted. This is a very effective method of deterrent, as it is instant, in real-time, and does tend to scare the offender away! Nobody wants to be caught in the act, after all.


There are certain factors you need to consider when choosing a camera for your system, and we would advise you talk to your chosen remote monitored CCTV provider as they will know what you need.

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The camera you choose will depend upon many things, not least whether you are looking for outdoor or indoor monitoring, and whether you need night vision ability. There are many different cameras available that can do the job, and you also need to consider the sensors that go with it.

To get the best system, we recommend you work with a service provider with the relevant experience and reputation, in order to ensure that you get the best set-up for your individual requirements. This will guarantee that the level of security you are party to will be satisfactory, and that you have the best protection available.

Choose a camera carefully, or have the experts recommend a system to you that will serve your purpose.

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