When Should Companies Use 3D Printers?

The increasing popularity of 3D printers is having a large impact on companies all around the nation. What seemed like a niche idea has suddenly brought upon new ideas in the workplace. Some people are still hesitant to contact additive manufacturing companies in California, but you might be more comfortable with the idea if you knew what you want to use it for. Consider the following examples as starting points for your potential journey towards incorporating 3D printing into your business practices.

Experimenting With Materials

If you work for a company that manufactures clothes and other products, it can be very expensive to go through multiple drafts of an item only to have it rejected numerous times. You may just want to slightly alter the design or add a little accessory to appeal towards a wider market. It doesn’t feel worth spending hundreds of dollars to show off an example. With a 3D printer, you can experiment with the designs and materials for the item with significantly less cost. Companies succeed through trial and error, but you don’t want those errors to be too damaging to your organization’s budget.

Promotional Materials

If your employer is still hesitant on keeping a 3D printer around for the company, don’t expect to hook them right away. It can take some time for them to fully embrace the idea. You may want to start with a menial task that could showcase the larger effects for them to understand the big picture. Promotional materials tend to be good examples because the company is busy with other stuff going on and it can be unique from the competition. You’re not limited to cheap pamphlets like the other companies are. Try making some buttons, wristbands or memorabilia that the other sides lack or don’t want to spend the budget on. It can attract more customers while impressing your boss in the process.

Creating Tools

If your job requires a lot of hands-on experimenting, tools and machine parts can be expensive to replace. All it takes is one call to additive manufacturing companies in California to get some replacements for a lot less than going to the hardware store. You can also be specific on the shape you want it so there isn’t even more trial and error that comes with the shopping process. The amount of options in stores can be overwhelming in terms of quality and price, so it’s better to be in control of what you want from the machine.

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