March 25, 2005

New OPL programs

I've almost finished work on the final version of IconEdit. I will post a link here shortly. Lots of bugs were fixed (thanks to everybody for sending in bug reoprts and feature suggestion) and lots of new features were added.

New features include (but are not limited to):

  • Act correctly on a shell command (open file, create file from within filemanager etc)
  • Greatly improved drawing speed
  • New paste option: Transparant and Combine
  • Preview bitmaps before import
  • Pick color
  • Fill color for box and ellipse - can now fill with either the current line color or the current fill color.
  • Added draw style - draw or clear for all drawing commands
  • Added Icon Background color - this color is used when creating masks
  • Saves the location of Copy To and Paste From folders
  • All drawing operations are shown in the preview window
  • Option to automatically update masks when saving the icon
  • Added floodfill drawing command (although this still needs to be optimized for speed).

I will do some more testing over the weekend and post here when the new update is available.

Another OPL application I'm working on is CombineMBM, which is a programmer's tool to combine several images into one MBM-file. This functionality is already used in IconEdit to create the icon, but I thought it would be handy if this functionality would be available as a standalone application as well usable for all sizes of bitmaps (very useful for putting all your application bitmaps into one file).
Currently I still need to add the shell command handling and generally polish up the interface a little.

Both IconEdit and CombineMBM make extensive use of OplUtils.opx, that gives access to lots of the standard Crystal dialog boxes as well as some other useful functionality (like creating a gradient title bar on every OPL-window, getting system color information and getting the pixel of a bitmap).

CombineMBM also uses Array.opx, an OPX for handling dynamic size string arrays in OPL. Maybe this OPX will become part of the standard OPL package (it should be able to use it on UIQ and Series 60 as well).

I'll try to release everything (IconEdit, CombineMBM, OplUtils.opx and Array.opx) within the next week. As before all source code for the OPL programs and OPX's is available on request.

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