April 28, 2003

OPL for the Series 60

Finally I can tell people! Symbian have taken the decision to release the OPL Computer Langauge to the community as an Open Source Project. This means that OPL (which was popular on the Psion machines) is now freely available for the Nokia Communicators, and the Series 60 phones (such as the 7650 and 3650). Woo!

It has come out under the LGPL licence, which means that this is a true Open Source project (unlike the flirtations Microsoft is making with parts of the Windows CE code).

For those who can help out with the project in terms of working on the C++ code for the runtime and developer tools, nip along to the Sourceforge Homepage.

For everyone else, a Symbian Diary has ben set up (surprise, surprise). The Open Programming Language Diary shuld have a number of tutorials, guides, articles and general thoughts on the project, and it's aimed at the Phone User who would like to program in his or her spare time, but cannot afford the investment to learn Java or C++.

Posted by Ewan at April 28, 2003 01:00 PM
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