May 07, 2003

Weighing Day at Baby Clinic

Vikki Writes...
Well, it's been 4 weeks since Eilidh's last weighing, and she's gained another whopping 21oz! She's now 17lb and has finally doubled her birthweight (though she was only 1oz off it last time). She's jumped another centile so she's now between the 9th and the 25th, which is perfect. If she stays there, she'll be 5'2 as an adult :) And there's nothing wrong with being 5'2, is there Mum?

Health visitors are more than happy with how she's doing, they were all crowded round her cos she was being cute and showing off to her audience as usual.

I did get told off for letting her walk round the row of chairs in the room though, even though there were only two other mums in the whole room. Bloomin' receptionists! She should have tried making Eilidh sit still on my knee when she wanted to be off and cruising! It just doesn't work any more - she's getting far too independent, and even though she can't say it yet, "Eilidh do it!" is forefront in her mind most of the time these days.

Anyway, I'd better go and see what mischief she's got herself into now - it's very quiet on the floor behind me! Never a good sign.

Posted by Ewan at May 7, 2003 11:25 AM
Hee hee - you fixed my typo ;) Posted by: Vikki on May 7, 2003 11:31 AM
Must have been those SPV's she has been eating ;) Posted by: dazler on May 7, 2003 02:23 PM
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