December 01, 2003

Thoughts on the Symbian Dev Day Keynotes

09.00, Symbian Keynote

Very nice keynote, covering all the bases of Symbian OS. From my point of view, a few things leaped out. Firstly, the delightful introduction video... Was that really Paul McGann doing a voiceover? to Symbian's attempt at a Japanese anime influenced trailer for Symbian. It's corporate, it's buzzwords, it's... a bit bland. Stop relying on cliches. Of course it throws up this interesting quote: "Any intelligent fool can make something bigger and more complicated." I wonder who they are refering too?
The other point that was noticable was that Symbian OS is "complicated." David Wood pointed out that nobody could know everything about Symbian OS. But surely they should make Symbian OS at least easily understandable for the regular programmer.
Of couse, another comment, that you should be programming Symbian OS in a modular fashion just like you learned at University, leads me to my personal bug bear in priogramming Symbian OS. It is too bloody difficult!

Twenty years ago, computers were programmed by people at home, in bedrooms, from manuals of around 100 pages. Now you have to spend 3 years at University learning C++, and then spending time to learn the Symbian C++ dialect?
Why can't you just pick up your phone and start coding on it straight away with a simple and easy to comprehend langauge?

And that's where my almost fanatical devotion to OPL ( comes from. It's a perfect language to fill this gap. Small, easy to work in, delivers results that are just as good as C++ apps, and is suited for low powered devices

09.30, Sony Ericsson Keynote

Oh look, a twenty minute sales spiel about the P900. We're in a room of Symbian Developers who either work within the Symbain ecosystem, or are rabid enough to make their own way to Manchester - is there anyone in the room who doesn't know about the incremental updated to the P800?

There's a strange emphasis on gaming technology. But it's nowhere near a decent gaming device. There's not enough physical buttons on the phone, the jogdial is not the greatest of choices of input mech, and the machine itself is not set up for gaming. If I want mobile gaming, I'll get an N-Gage. If I want a portable gaming experience that I'll enjoy for a long time, I'll go and buy a Gameboy.

10.00 Nokia Keynote

This week's slogan "Connections That Count.," introduced byJarmo Rantanen. At this time of day, with no coffee and the third keynote without a break, it's hard enough at the best of times, but when you have a very focussed Finn... imagine listening to a Kimi Raikkonen press confernce for 45 minutes.
Now I'm not only dreaming of coffee, but I'd kill to hear another tone of voice.

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