December 05, 2003

OPL Series 60 Runtime: Major Update

After many a long night testing the runtime, and putting a whole bundle of documents in place on the web, OPL for Series 60 has been released. Version 0.30 adds menu support. 7.0s support, FEP interaction (finally!) and a lot of under the hood changes.

The documentation site is now up and running (visit the OPL Wiki), and you'll all want to look at the Getting Started page. And browse the rest of the site of course!

The next two major steps before a 1.0 (dialogs and asynchronus events) are up next. Rick reckons that mid-March for a release candidate of 1.0 are achievable. Here's hoping.

Posted by Ewan at December 5, 2003 11:30 AM
I also hope to finish the next version of OPLWizard capable of inserting comments where the OPL code needs changes between versions : ER5->S80, S80-S60, etc. : Keep the nice work, after OPLWizard I will try to help a little bit more. Posted by: Roberto Colistete Jr. on December 7, 2003 04:49 PM
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