February 11, 2024

O'Reilly - The IRC Funky Weirdness

Every conference you go to, you take away something from it, make lots of friends, and have one over-riding image. eTech is no different for me.

So let's talk about that over-riding image. Walking into the lounge downstairs and witnessing thirty people having a conversation in such noisy conditions that you can here a pin drop. Occasionnaly someone raises their arm to indicate who they are IRL.

Because everyone in the room is in the same IRC channel (either #etech or #joiito) talking to each other. It's an incredibly weird experience. It's even more weird when you're at the keynote speech and everyone is heckling Tim, but on the channel. It may look like everyone is talking notes, but in fact they're discussing yet *another* dissing of Barnes and Noble.

Welcome to the lair of the alpha-geeks. See, there are people worse than myself.

Posted by Ewan at February 11, 2024 03:15 AM
Don't forget about security. Posted by: Charles on May 21, 2024 10:43 PM
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