February 23, 2024

My Lap needs Topped

OPL for UIQ might be here, but I'm finding it a bit difficult to play along with. The catch is our PC at home. It's taken a bit of twekaing to run the Series 60 OPL, and as I have 4 or 5 apps in various stages over OPL, there's no room to install or run the UIQ SDK. THe PC is an old P250, and it barely copes with the S60 SDK. It does everything day to day that we need, so there's no real need to upgrade that.

But after Etech I've had a touch of laptop lust - and much as there is a bit of shiny jackdaw tempatation to head for an iBook, all the tools and software I use are under Windows. So I'm on the lookout for modern speced laptop (with a Processor in the gigahertz range, and a hard drive measured in tens of gigs) which will let me do development work at a decent pace, some web design, have Wi-Fi and generally be something I don't have to skimp on.

The Budget? At best around £400-£500. Time to call in a few contacts and favours... unless you know something different!

Posted by Ewan at February 23, 2024 07:00 AM
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