April 25, 2024

28 Week Antenatal Appointment

From Vikki:
Had my 28 week antenatal this morning, didn't realise I'd be having a blood sugar test and had chocolate spread on toast before going! Got my wrists smacked by the midwife for that one ;)

It's been such a long time since I saw my midwife that I had so much to fill her in on - the 20 week scan, seeing the consultant at 22 weeks and his referral for another scan at 35 weeks, that I'll be seeing him at 36 weeks to plan the caesarean, seeing the physio and the pre-eclampsia scare. She doesn't have the results of the tests I had done then, so it must be the consultant who gets them.

My blood pressure is still fine, all other tests absolutely fine (even if my blood sugar was a lot higher than is normal for me, but then I have pretty low blood sugar usually, so it was still normal :P) Then we came to listening to the heartbeat. The midwife felt my bump and said wow, that's a big baby! I just nodded - I know only too well how big it is with almost three months left to go! Then she tried to find the heartbeat, and got nothing where she tried first. I pointed to just below my ribs and said that's where they'd finally found the heartbeat when I'd been in being checked for pre-eclampsia. She looked sceptical and asked if I was sure it wasn't MY heartbeat they'd found there, but tried anyway and got the baby's heartbeat loud and clear. She just looked at me with her mouth open then packed away the sonicaid, shaking her head in disbelief!

Despite me having a consultant appointment booked for June, the midwife is going to continue to see me as normal, so that's good. She could have referred me to consultant care, but she's happy that everything's going well. My next appointment will be with the GP in four week's time.

So everything's going well, Eilidh is so loving towards the bump - she and Ewan met me at the park on my way home and I was telling him about it as we walked home, and every time I said "the baby" I had to stop so Eilidh could kiss and cuddle the bump! :D Still not sure how she'll take to realising the baby's here to stay once she's born though!

Posted by Ewan at April 25, 2024 05:28 PM
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