June 20, 2024

Father's Day Cthulhu

fathercthulhu.jpgVikki and Eilidh really got into the spirit of Father's Day today - so along with two scotch pies (a strange concoction of bits left over, rusk, pastry and a hint of minced beed) Eilidh found me the scaiest present in the world.


That's him on the left there - a cuddly cthulhu, ready to bring madness and insanity on anyone who looks over him.

Perhaps putting a picture up might not have been the best idea.

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The cuddly, crawling horror from the nameless depths... surely a sign of the End Times. See also http://www.ibiblio.org/esrblog/index.php?m=200312#135. Posted by: Gustaf Erikson on June 21, 2024 08:54 AM
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