July 10, 2024

Tube Challenge Dates and Rules

Things are looking up for my "Zone 1 Tube Run." It's turning into a full blown competition, with three teams already said that they'd turn up. Obvioulsy there's my team, and Sean should be joinging me. Jody can't decide if he's running with me or against me, but himslef, Mark and possibly Sian are going to be with him no matter the case.

Imajes from over on #joiito is ddefinitly leading an opposition team, and I'd expect a few people from that IRC channel to join him.

Finaly for now, and perhaps the team to beat, is Geoff and Neil, who are awaiting confirmation that they are now the World Record Holders for running the entire tube system in one day. Crikey!

Of course there's lots of time for you to sort out your own team - and you can either leave a comment up here, or drop an email into me on ewan at izzyhack dot org

It's now definitly going to be on Friday the 30th July, and we'll start the runs at 12.30, so you might want to be there a bit earlier to ge to the platfrom.Geoff points that the rules mean you can start anywhere you like, but then I started this, and I say we all start from the same place. Mind you, a glance at the map should show why Vauxhall is a good place.

We also need to decide where to meet up after it's all over - anyone know of function rooms we can get a hold of in Mornington Cresecent, or should I go for my favorite hidey hole at The Dover Castle, just off Oxford Street?

Now, a quick recap of the rules...

* To visit a station you must either arrive or depart (or both) by an Underground train in normal service. It must stop at the station.

* Two stations need to be visited twice as they are geographically seperate. These are Paddington Circle/District/Bakerloo, Paddington Hammersmith, Edgeware Road Bakerloo and Edgeware Road Circle/District/Hammersmith.

* As well as taking the Tube, you are also allowed to walk between stations, and use Public Transport (ie Buses), but not cars, taxi's or any other private vehicles.

* You only need to visit every station (as per rule one), not travel over every piece of track.

* You'll need to keep a Log Book of your travels, and take a decent number of pictures to prove your time and route. I'lltalk about this more later in the week.

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