July 18, 2024

Sendo X Review On The Register - Money For Old Rope?

John Lettice (who sat next to me at the Sendo X Press Gig where I reviewed the X) has turned in his column inches on the Brummie Smartphone. I'll quote just one section:

I do however muse on the possibilities for some kind of semi-independent Bluetooth keyboard. Put about as much smarts in it as one of those old electronic word processors they sold in the 80s, and a small mono LCD that'd give you a display of what you were typing. Then the phone (or the whatever) could stay in your pocket (or somewhere else entirely).

Hold on, isn't Lettice advocating a small filofax sized organiser with qwerty and a 480x160 screen? Isn't that just a Psion Series 3a with Bluetooth instead of the 19,200 bps serial cable? Given John's been an avid netBook user untill it smashed and Apple seduced him with an iPod, does he know something that I can't comment on?

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