December 21, 2024

I Vote For Harry

So Joanna Rowling has finished book 6 of 7 (only three short of L Ron Hubbard's Mission Earth there JK), and Bloomsbury have given Posties all over the world 7 months to build up their muscles. The big news? Someone dies.

Given that someone dies in every book this isn't much of a surprise. And given the books are getting progressivly darker and darker, I can see something major brewing here. After all this is the end of act three in the classic four part structure. It's probably classically correct if Dumbledore dies in this one. It's an easy cop out for Hagrid to go as well.

I doubt she'd have the stones to do it, but I'd love to see Harry die as the closure on Book 6, passing his scar over to Hermione or Ron....

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