May 24, 2005

It's The Perfect Time To Resign

Interesting day (Tuesday) today at the PalmSource DevCon. My main 'goal' of the event is to speak to as many people as possible, find out about them, and let them find out about All About Palm.

So a lunchtime meeting with Patrick Hurley from AirSet (a mixing of web based group calendaring with a mobile client for Palm and - soon - other platforms) got the ball rolling. A short break to pop along to the "Palm OS Programming for Dummies" session before getting registered, picking up the new PalmSource backpack, and a quick kilt change before attending the Palm User Group (PUG) Meeting that was being held that evening. Having a meet just before a Conference is a trick that Rafe and I usually pull off with the All About Symbian Pub Meets and Symbian Dev Con. Nice to see we're not alone in this.

Anyway, the PUG meeting went well. Big thanks to them for letting me do a sixty second pitch of All About Palm to the group before they did the raffle draw. It started to pay off straight away with people coming up to me and introducing themselves - and trying to get me round their booth during the show. Trust me guys, I'll be seeing each and every one of you before it all ends on Thursday night.

Of course all that is overshadowed by Dave Nagel (the PalmSource CEO) announcing his resignation. And while Elle bemoans how bad the timing is on her blog, I've got to disagree. There's no good time for a CEO to go - and if the timing is usually decided by how easy it will be to get the correct corporate message out to the people who matter (investors, analysts, developers and hardware partners), then what better time to do it than at your annual DevCon?

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