May 30, 2005

Do You Know The Way [Home] From San Jose?

Well the planned trip home got as far as sitting down in American 757, before we all got off again. Turns out the engines were not going to do the engine thing, so the flight was cancelled and we were 'asked' to call American's Telecenter to get different flights out to New York JFK.

I suspect that I was in a better position than most as my destination wasn't actualy JFK, but London Heathrow, so I could take a flight from any of the American hubs that had a single seat to the UK (which I'm sure means Chicago, JFK, Dallas or Boston). After a friendly phone call, after a quick hop within California, I'm now on an MD-80 to Chicago to catch a 777 back to London.

On board the MD-80 to Chicago
Turns out I'm pretty happy with this. Still arriving at London about the sametime, although spending two extra hours at San Diego before the travelling starts gives me very little transfer times at the connection. Part of me is glad I'm travelling alone (easy to find a single seat on other flights) because this would be difficult to sort out if Vikki, Eilidh and Mairi were with me. The 757 I was due to travel on was labelled on as the tightest and most cramped of the fleet, so part of me was geared for a 5 and a half hour squeeze. What I've got on the four hour Chicago leg is a row of three all to myself. Admittedly it's directly between the two tail mounted engines, so it's not the quietest location, but I'll take the room for a little sleep.

On board the 777 to London Heathrow
These 'short night' overnights are really weird flights. There's always the question of when to wind my clocks back eight hours from Pacific Time to UK (8 hours, fact fans). As usual, I've done this once I board the first planeonany journey. Itmeans I can keep the departure time andmy wtach time the same, and then start mentally beinginthe right place. The fun is always at any midway stops - Chicago for example is two hours ahead of San Diego, so that needs a bit of thought. So the transatlantic flight may leave at Chicago time of 1710, but it's more like 2310 on UK time.

Especially when travelling home, I let my body doze when it wants,for however it wants.Thistendsto be ten to fifteen minute burst, with one two/three burst somewherein the flight. I've always needed certain music tracks to help me do this, and as usual thanks go to "Essential Status Quo," Yoko Kano and the Seatbelts "Cowboy Bebop" Soundtracks and the biggest relaxer "50 Golden Greats of The Shadows." All of those thoroughly recommended for long haul travellers.

Also, cliche that it is, we've just had an "is there a Doctor on the plane" PA announcement. Whoever it is for, I hope they're okay.

On board the British Airways A340 to Edinburgh
Come on, move faster, Vikki's waiting for me at Edinburgh. No I don't want to circle Bass Rock, get this plane on the ground...

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