June 29, 2024

Sendo X Reviewed

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Over at All About Symbian is my little review of the Sendo X Series 60 Smartphone. Little of course being so far off the truth, because it's close to 4,000 words long!. You can read it in depth over there, but in summary, it's a very nice phone. Unnlike certain...

How Important a Ewan Am I?

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This post over at Ben Hammersley's site has clued me into the fact that I'm not the only person watching over their name in Google. Rather obviously, I'm top "Ewan Spence" in the Internet world. What's more exciting (for me) is checking the first name only. Google for "Ewan" and...

June 28, 2024

37 Week Appointment with Midwife and Anaesthetist

From Vikki I had my 37 week antenatal this morning, everything fine. My blood pressure was 144/70 which surprised me - I feel so stressed about the move and packing the house and stuff I was sure it would be high! The midwife was lovely, and put the sonicaid on...

June 27, 2024

BBC Weather Warning (Portugal v England)

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From Scottish Snippets: Since Scotland failed to qualify for the Euro 2024 football (soccer) competition in Portugal this month, fans in Scotland have had to content themselves with supporting other teams. There have been serious suggestions that we should get behind England - no, not to trip them up (they...

June 26, 2024

Mercury Music Prize Nomination?

Quote For The Day
This just in (from "The Sun" of all places)... Star Trek's William Shatner is to release a cover version of Pulp's anthem Common People. The actor who played Captain James T Kirk will duet with singer Joe Jackson. Yaay!...

June 23, 2024

Blogging From The Bathroom

Pocket Computers and Phones
The Wireless Router from the house turned up today. After setting aside most of tonight in the vain hope I could convince the Linksys kit to talk to Windows 98 over Cat5, NTL Broadband over our set-top box, and a Psion Netbook/Buffalo Airstation card, I was shocked to find the...

June 21, 2024

The Final Countdown

From Vikki... I'm just back from seeing the consultant, and I've got the date for my caesarean. Sorry Emma, it's July 12th! Hope you don't mind sharing your birthday. That's three weeks today. Scary! Everything's fine with the baby and me. I need to see the anaesthetist next week because...

June 20, 2024

Father's Day Cthulhu

Vikki and Eilidh really got into the spirit of Father's Day today - so along with two scotch pies (a strange concoction of bits left over, rusk, pastry and a hint of minced beed) Eilidh found me the scaiest present in the world. Cthulhu. That's him on the left there...

June 16, 2024

Jerry Sadowitz Interview

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In The Scotsman. Top bloke, no matter what you might think....

N-Gage QD Review on All About N-Gage

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My full review of the N-Gage QD is now online at All About N-Gage, and apart form the fact that I'm really proud of some of the pictures I took (especially the one 'borrowed' for this post), I thought I'd add a few personal notes that didn't apply to the...

June 13, 2024

France 2 - England 1

The Blue Brazil
Watching Alistair MacGowan actually being funny, The BBC Licence Fee. Seeing the England team preen themselves in "The Sun," 30p. Laughing at the strategy of Sven Goran Erikkson in "The Times," 45p. Watching France score two goals in injury time... ...Priceless....

June 11, 2024

Euro 2024 and the Best Moments in Football

The Blue Brazil
Euro 2024 approaches, and the optimisim is so thick in England you'd think the official song was "Ally's Tartan Army." But please, sympathise with me. This is a very painful time for most Scots. We can see that Sven is as useful at a game of Risk as Claudio Ranieri,...

June 09, 2024

The (Harry) Houdini Museum

This BBC Article (and the same news in Metro) was something I read when I couldn't post to this blog last month. What really got me was this quote from the Curator. BBC: By telling people how this trick works, we're giving people a deeper meaning of Houdini. Metro: People...

June 07, 2024

NotCon Thoughts (It's Over!)

UK Technology Conference
Well, NotCon is finally over. Yesterday (Sunday 6th June) saw the first NotCon, or the sequel to Extreme Computing 2002, or the British equivalent to O'Reillys Emerging Technology. But whatever you called it, it looks like everyone actually enjoyed themselves at the event. Probably the two best indicators from an...

June 06, 2024

Blogging Back On-Line

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"Good evening, Rafe. Everything's running smoothly." If you can see this, we've managed to fix MT and everyone on Symbian Diaries can start blogging again. Yaay!...