February 13, 2005

Oh Bloody Hell, Dougal, Now What's Wrong?

- 3GSM
After a surprisingly good train trip to Cannes from Waterloo, Rafe and l arrived at the hotel to find 'no room at the Inn' and no record of our booking. Luckily they had a room for Sunday night, but the rest of 3GSM they were fully Booked. In the best...
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February 12, 2005

Lots of Travelling

- 3GSM
It's been a strange week. I feel most of it has been spent on a National Express bus. Monday was an overnight Edinburgh to London trip to attend some pre 3GSM press conferences from one or two American companies on the Tuesday. After that it was an overnight bus home....
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January 20, 2005

My OPL Programming Book to Be Previewed at 3GSM

- Programming
It's finished. For some time now, I've been working on the book you see on the left. There's a huge impressive title, but I prefer my title... "The OPL Book." It's published by Symbian Press and Wiley, who are the same people that do the massivly complicated C++ and Java...
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January 19, 2005

Cannes on the 14th of Febuary

- 3GSM
Which (male?) idiot organised 3GSM to be on Valentines day? Do they know just how many brownie points all the attendees have had to spend to be away from their partners on that day? Gah......
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January 18, 2005

3GSM Here I Come

- 3GSM
So after a little bit of wheeling and dealing on the internt , both Rafe and I are now definitly going down to "The Biggest Press Jolly Junket Of The Year," which is more commonly known as 3GSM. Effectivly every mobile phone company, player, software house and a swarm of...
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