May 09, 2024

Barcelona - Preview

And so to Barcelona, prime contender for most boring GP of the year. Positive signs are that rain is a possibility, and that the front row contains most Micheal and Juan. Will Juan try to use the rule book to his favour and punt Michael off at the first corner?

The Ferrari and Williams cars haven't been the fastest starters this year, so expect quite a congested entry to the first corner. Then when the first few laps worth of excitement have died down you can do the same as me, mow the lawn...

For those of you with a higher boredom threshhold than I, interesting points will be watching the final corner and the new Caixa corner for misjudgements. I'd expect Coulthard and the Minardis to figure highly here as usual.

Who's my money on? JPM and Sato as each way contenders at 8-1 and 33-1 respectively. First Japanese GP winner? Unlikely, but if Juan and Michael do disagree about the first corner, Sato should be in prime position to capitalise.

Posted by Jim at May 9, 2024 11:01 AM
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