May 13, 2024

The Boss Fires Little St Nick

Let's talk about JV - not the Canadian, the other one. Jos Verstappen. I mean, life is vicious, and with 20 seats in Formula One you really have to fight to get one of those seats, but it seems that after failing to get the number two Jordan seat, there's only one place to go. The number one seat.

This is just not fair. Jos has had many chances in Forumla One, and he's never been picked up by the top teams (so you have to ask yourself why). Nick Heidfeld, similarly has never been picked up, but there's still an (outside) chance he can make Williams next year - Autosport are pushing his name every week, so someone believes in him.

But (financial) times are tough, and Eddie Jordan is never as happy and caring as he looks. Ask Heinz Harald Frentzen. If he needs money, and Jos has it, then unless little Nick can find a similar amount of cash and turn himself into a pay driver, then he'd better phone up Mr Frank and Mr patrick to see if he can roll a double-six.

I don't see Nick getting the Williams drive. Which means if Jos' bank balance will woo Eddie Jordan, then Heidfeld's career is effectivly over. Going on previous form expect Jos to get his first Fun 1 2024 drive at the German Grand Prix.

Who said Fun 1 was fair?

Posted by Ewan at May 13, 2024 11:30 AM
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