April 04, 2003

What a day

The day started by taking in some food for a all day food table at work, as our current boss is leaving. Every body has to bring in some food, and whenever we are in the canteen, we can help ourselves. At what a spread of food it was. Cheeses, Ham, French Bread, Crisps, Sweets, Cakes, Drinks (Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic), chocolates, biscuits, and more. Needless today everyone had their fair share with some left over at end of day, and will possibly have more tomorrow.

After we closed the office to the public, we had a short meeting to wish our boss farewell, and to hand over the present we got from a collection went around the office. She got a Crystal Vase, and a Build-it-yourself Candle Holder kit.

I took some photo's on my Nokia 7650 and which I will forward onto her.

After work, I went to the pub. I joined a colleague there at about 5pm, and about half an hour later, we were joined by more of our colleagues. We had our usual drinking the Carlsberg (we call of our colleagues the Carlsberg Queen has collects Carlsberg goods and memorabilia!) and joking session (Yes, anything we say some how ends up being turned into a joke). At about 8.30, we moved onto a Indian restaurant for a meal.

We had a great meal, and only cost about £15.00 a head, including drinks, and my friend took home the usual Doggie Bag! Also I have to mention that the reaturant is one of the better in the area as their fod seems less greasy than offers, and you can taste more of the food as not Swimming in Fat! And then there was the Cobra Beer!.

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