April 15, 2003

It's Been A While

OK, so it's been a while since I have posted a Blog here, so I hopefully will have something to say.

The new system for people to sign on in our office seems to be working OK. Instead of Long queues like before, it is now a steady stream of people all, but we will have no more than 10 waiting at any time.

* Sleepy * A couple of days this week, I have be getting not a lot of sleep. On Sunday Night/Monday Morning, I only got about 2-3 hours sleep. Last night I got 4-5 hours. (*Yawn*).

* The BOSS * Recently, because of the changes at our office, we now have a new section supervisor and I keep getting told off by them. I guess I will have to stop having so much of a laugh, and concentrate on my job more! :-)

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