September 15, 2003

The 90th Birthday Party

This is not quite as it seems. At the beginning of next month, 2 of my colleagues are both celebrating their birthdays. One wil be 40 years old and one will be 50 years old.

So being the mad bunch we are at work, we are advertising it as their 90th Birthday Party!

We have decided to take them to a Italian Restaurant in our local town. A couple of staff have been there, but most haven't. The ones who have been said they even had a Guitar player who plays an acoustic guitar.

I am sure looking back on other Birthday meals we have gone on, that this will be on hell of a night!

I did suggest that after we go to the local night club/pub that is open until 2am after the meal, but as most of my colleagues are a lot older than me, they said would be a bad idea. But the ones who would go to the club were not present when I made this suggestion. Who Knows?!

On This Day - 1964: The Sun newspaper is born
The Sun newspaper is published today for the first time. It is replacing the Daily Herald.

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