October 02, 2003

Pricked, Prodded, Poked & Pain (part 1)

I awoke this morning early (about 3am) with abdominal pain on the right hand side. Later in the morning after a few hours of painful sleep I decided to venture to work thinking the pain would go away.

At first I was putting up with the pain (or not really noticing), but took the precaution of notifying my line manager. During my tea-break the pain felt worse and two of my noticed I was not my normal self. I told them about the pain and they suggested that I see my doctor and soon

I returned to my desk expecting to see my next client, but before calling them I decided to take my colleagues advice and ring my doctor. I found the number and contacted them for an appointment. At first I was offered 3 weeks (Sod That, I was in pain). So I asked for something sooner. I was then offered tomorrow (03/10/03) (Hello, I was still in pain). I asked for any appointment today. Upon enquiring the person said that they have one at 11:40 (Thank You).

So I checked with my line manager and after notifying her of work I had remaining I left for the appointment.

I phoned for a taxi and arrived about half an hour before my appointment. The first thing I noticed stepping out of the taxi was the surgery had changed since my last visit.

The entrance had moved from down a side alley to the front of building. They also had some hi-tech equipment in the waiting area, like a touch-screen system for checking-in (although wasn't working). Also there was an L.E.D. display for showing important surgery information and when the doctor is ready.

Eventually I was called in and I explained my problem. I was having pains in my right abdomen. After explaining in more detail he wanted a urine sample. Luckily I was all clear for diabetes and something else but can't remember what he said.

He then did a physical examination which involved prodding and poking my tender abdomen (OUCH). After a few more questions he said he didn't think it was the appendix or a hernia, but he was still unsure so contacted someone at the local hospital. The doctor had wanted to talk to the Registrar but they were unavailable so he spoke to an S.H.O. (senior health officer/official?).

He finished his chat and said that the best thing would be to go to the hospital for more tests. I was given a letter and made my way to the local hospital (I think this is where I realize I could have something serious wrong with me).

On my way to the hospital I tried phoning home but no-one answered, then contacted work to let know I was on my way to the hospital.

Upon arriving at A+E I reported to the reception. I then sat in the waiting area thinking I was going to be waiting a while. But only a few minutes later I was called in. I was then given a lovely hospital gown (ha ha), told to undress down to my underwear and put the gown on.

Once I was gowned up 2 nurses came to draw blood for tests. I mentioned that I have deep veins and after a few minutes decided to air on the side of caution and let the doctor insert the needle.

When the doctor arrived the nurses explained problem with my veins and he proceeded to try. He managed to insert a canular (needle) into my right hand. He was unable to get any blood, but a test with a saline solution found it could be used to give me medication so was taped down to secure it.

Another canular (needle) was inserted into my left hand, but again no joy in getting any blood. So then he had to try the vein near my groin. Luckily although it hurt to buggery he got the blood. He then informed me that I would need an X-ray.

I then waited god only knows how long (as I had removed my watch when I put the gown on) and then was taken to the X-ray department. I was taken there in a wheelchair and thank god as this gown was gaped open at the back. The X-ray room was nice and cool compared to A+E. They then X-rayed my abdomen.

I was taken back to A+E were I had another long wait. I saw lots of patients coming and going but I had to wait for the registrar.

I took the opportunity to ask to borrow the phone as I couldn't use mobile and needed to let my family (and work) know the score.

An eternity later the registrar turned up and proceeded with exam. After exam he suggested it could be the gall bladder or the colon.

To be on the safe side he said I should stay overnight for observations.

"I think I should mention that the doctors, registrars etc seems puzzled by the lack of any other symptoms (i.e. normal temp, normal blood pressure, normal blood count, normal toiletting, no sickness and so on), which apparently rules quite a few things out"

When the registrar had gone I asked again to borrow the phone so I could let family and work know the ward I would be on.

Sometime later I was taken up to my ward.

I was taken up on one of the A+E trolleys to the ward. When we arrived I was asked if I could move to the new bed. I said "yes" but wanted the curtain closed to retain some dignity whilst still wearing the gown.

A very short time after getting onto the ward the nurse came over to enquire what I would like for dinner. By this time I was ravenous and would have eaten anything. I have meatballs and mash with a trifle afterwards for pudding!

Whilst finishing my dinner my mum and 2 of my sisters turned up with some essentials that I had asked for. This included clothing, toiletries, book (Universe in a Nutshell by Professor Stephen Hawking), puzzle magazines, GameBoy (with Tetris game) and my mums Palm IIIx (which I am writing this blog article on now).

(I also at some point made a prediction that if anyone from work was to show up that it would be a specific male colleague. The reason being that whenever someone from work is ill in hospital it's almost a guarutee that he would be first to visit.)

I had to send someone to get some batteries for GameBoy, Palm IIIx and my radio.

One of my sisters asked if I had got the other book by Proffessor Stephen Hawking for which I had been given a £20 Waterstones voucher for. I had to admit I hadn't as I was still using the voucher as a bookmark.

I took the voucher out of the book and gave it to the sister who had asked the question saying next time your in town to get me a couple of DVD's (or if possible to get Star Trek Nemesis).

Not long after seeing what was brought the colleague I thought earlier may arrive, did.

We chatted for a while, but eventually they had to leave.

Before finally golng to sleep there was a coffee brought to me and some observations (temp and blood pressure) were taken.

During the night I awoke a few times due to the abdomenal pain and because of the blasted needle in my hand.

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