September 22, 2005

PayPal Woes

Up until now my dealings with PayPal have been OK.

But yesterday changed that. Purchased an Item on eBay using "Buy It Now" and a while later received an e-mail from the Seller saying the payment had been refused.

Upon checking my account I saw that the Payment had been returned to my account. BUT checking my Bank Account it was not back.

So a little browsing in the PayPal help section I found this little Gem.

Q. - My payment was refused, but the funds have not been returned to me. Why?

A. - Funds from a refused payment are returned to the appropriate funding source for that payment. If you used funds from your PayPal balance to make the payment, the money is returned to your PayPal account. If you funded the payment with a credit card, the money is returned to your card. Depending on your card issuer, a credit to your credit card may take up to 30 days to process.

I am hoping Barclays Bank who have always been good for me won't take the full 30 Days.

**Update** - Good Old Barclays. Only about a Week instead of the 30 days.!

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