June 19, 2024

Stylesheet Error Update

Thanks to Martin for spotting an error in my stylesheet for my Blogs (Photo one had same error) which meant any Text Entry box was "Silver on White" when typing (Not a great combo).

This has now been fixed and you can enjoy typing your comments here at the same time as seeing your text! :)

Note To Me:- Test your StyleSheets on Other Browsers, and not just in Safari (Mac OS X).

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June 07, 2024

Big Brother (UK) 5

Well it's now over a week into Big Brother 5. Kitten has gone, and they are down to £85,000 from the original £100,000 up for grabs.

The first Task was funny. The Strongest Housemate had to spin the other housemates on a roundabout. Meanwhile Stuart (apparently the Most Intelligent housemate with 4A's at A-Level) had to answer questions that would allow one housemate for each correct answer off of the roundabout. They lost £6,000. £5,000 in wrong answers and £1,000 as Ahmed was facing wrong way on roundabout. Also Marco was sick live on TV.

I think they have a good mixed which should get some tension going in the house. But was Big Brother right to get rid of Kitten. I say yes. Why? She was a rule breaker, and could have eventually put someone in danger. Maybe not a major danger, but the climbing on the Roof was just downright stupid. Big Brother has rules and only 9 of them. Kitten broke 8 with only "No Phsyical Violence" not being notched up.

Looking forward to the latest challenge. "Big Bro, Food To Go". Big Brother has mocked up a Fast Food Kitchen in the BB house and they have to take orders and the deliver the food to the Diary room with 30 mintes. Oh and it's a 24hr a day challenge until Wednesday. I can't help but feel that the Production Crew are going to get there meals made by the housemates (or am I just cynical?).

OK so it's off to watch another hour of BB before bed!

I get all my news from Big Brother (Official from C4) & Big Brother from Digital Spy

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Have just purchased an Oystercard. What's an Oystercard? It's an electronic travel card for use on Buses, Trams, The Underground and some Trains in London area.

It has some advantages like online re-charging, re-use same Oyster card (it's actually plastic not card), not having to show all drivers you awful photocard :),

Then when you have got your Oystercard pop along to TheOystercard on ways to have fun with the card.

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Why is it when something doesn't work you feel you need it more?

What am I talking about. Well SymbianDiaries Login screen has been down for a few days now and all of the Bank Holiday weekend I kept checking as I want to write blog entries and update my links, as well as correct some errors I have found.

But all week I have been getting an 500 Internal Server Error / Internal Server Error when trying to login and on certain pages.

Now is back online! Thanks Rafe!

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May 25, 2024

Pet Hates

From room "1---RSM" on eQSO some of the Pet Hates we discussed tonight!

Can you guess what some of our Pet Hate are?
  • Packaging
    • Including:- Shrink-wrap, Large Boxes for Small Items
  • Bats on the Antenna
    • When bats are hanging on the Antenna and you transmit, you can here the bats falling
  • Lunch-Time Queues
    • Why do people who have all the time in the world use shops during 12-2pm when office workers are on breaks?
  • Oranges
    • Having to Peel them to eat them and the feel of the peel on the fingernails.
  • Lottery Ticket Sales
    • Why so some shops have seperate tills for normal items & Lottery tickets?
  • Boy Racers
    • Loud Music, Loud Engines, Showing Off what Daddy brought them for Xmas! (Need I say more?)
  • Shop Orders
    • Shops who have to Order anything you want and never have anything you ned in stock.
  • Screaming Kids
    • Kids who are Screaming when you are trying to have some peace and quiet!
  • Ring-Tones
    • Unrecognisable ring-tones on Mobile Phone
  • AOL CD's
    • I left Compuserve YEARS AGO (8+yrs) and still get AOL CD's from them
  • Weather Madness
    • People who are too hot in summer, too wet in rain, and too cold in winter!
  • You've Won!
    • Offers telling you that you have Won Money But that's until you have read the small print
  • Cold Callers!
    • Enough Said!

(Gadget17 does not hate or suffer from everything on this list. :) )
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May 20, 2024

Yet Another Re-design

Have redesigned my blogs style-sheet yet again. I am never happy with it, but hopefully it will last a while. I have saved the Wood/Blue one just in case I want it back, and I may still tweak this one slightly.

What do you think? Do the colours work? How does it display on your browser (Only tested on Mac IE/Safari and Win IE)?

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May 16, 2024

Busy Weekend for Me

What a weekend I have just had, and feel I need to go to work to relax from it. Spent most of Saturday mowing the Front & Back lawns. It took quite a while as was more like a Jungle than a lawn. I believe I found some new species of Flora and Forna. Unfortunately the Back lawn was so bad that I have to finish next weekend but over half is done.

It was also my Mum's birthday, but I have a slight cash-flow problem. Luckily at end of month is PayDay and my sister also has to get her something, so we will mostly likely combine our money.

With regard to my Radio, I made my first HF radio contact on my Kenwood TS50 radio. Was with a guy in Epsom just down the road from my location but further than I have made with my Handheld.

I have also set up my 2m SlimJim antenna, so that is usable, but need to purchase more Co-ax so I can put up outside.

My uncle on Friday has sent me a Computer-Radio (Kenwood TS50) interface and 80m traps for my G5RV jnr. I made an elementry mistake when I installed the interface though. I used the basic settings with checking they were right, and for most of weekend I had 1 digit wrong and wasn't working properly. Thankfully it is now!

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May 12, 2024

What's your favourite sweets?

Was looking at the LBC sister web site "Eric talks technology on LBC" and came across a site I may well be using soon.

A Quarter Of is an online sweetshop. (I wonder if they send you the penny sweets in a White Paper Bag?)

Can you guess any of my Favourite Sweets? (Click continue to View)

  • My Favourite Sweets
    • Pear Drops
    • Rhubarb & Custard
    • Fox's Glacier Mints
    • Aniseed Balls
    • Acid Drops
    • Kola Kubes
    • Sweet Peanuts
    • Parma Violets
    • Refreshers
    • Double Lollies
    • Fizzy Cola Bottles
    • Liquorice Comfits
    • Liquorice Torpedoes
    • Liquorice Allsorts
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April 21, 2024

Celebrity Fundraisers

Have just found an interesting website.

JustGiving.Com! is a site set up to help anyone raise money for charity, and they have a Celebrity page.

You could sponser Simon Biagi for Children in Crisis, Alastair Campbell for Leukaemia Research Fund, Gary Lineker for Leukaemia Research Fund, Dan Radcliffe for National Autistic Society Alan Rickman for Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) or more.

My favourite one when looking through was Sissy Rooney (BB4) for Children in Crisis who has been sponsered by none other than her Housemate Mr. Jon Tickle.

Also at time of writing (not including posts I have deleted, etc) this is my 200th Post

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New Planet(s)?

OK, now which is the 10th Planet?

I have just read an article on BBC News that reports a new planet called Sedna, but a couple of years ago they also reported a new planet called Quaoar. So do we have 11 planets (or more) in our Solar System?

Planet Distance from
Sun (Miles)
Planet Size
 Quaoar 4 Billion 800 2002 LM60 Link Link
 Sedna 3.6 billion 730-1,470 2003 VB12 Link Link
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April 07, 2024

Salvage Squad

OK, so what have a Thames sailing barge, Fire engine, Gyroplane, Stolly, Steamboat, Gipsy Moth Plane, Lola Racing car, Bristol car, Tank & a Steamroller got in common?

Well as you may guess from the title it's the Salvage Squad (Salvage Squad (Series 1 - 2002) - Salvage Squad (Series 2 - 2003)) TV program from Channel 4 in the UK. It is also shown on a regular basis on the Discovery Channel where I watch the program.

Salvage Squad in the 1st series was presented by Lee Hurst and by Suggs (Graham McPherson) in subsequent programs. Also are the team of experts. Claire Barratt, is an industrial archaeologist and steam engineer, Axel Cleghorn who is an ex-fireman and keen biker and Jerry Thurston has fascination with restoring classic vehicles.

In the 2nd series they work on the following. Steam plough, Crane, Morgan, Tram, Steam car, Loco, Dustcart, Fireboat, Gallopers & a Watermill.

The 3rd series has some interesting Salvage to bring back to life including a Snow Trac, Steam crane, Model T Ford, Combine harvester, Sentinel steam lorry, Skima 12 hovercraft, German Biber submarine, Scammell Scarab and an Amphicar.

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March 31, 2024

One Year Old

I have just realised that my blog (which was started on Blogger) is a year old. I started it on 31st March 2003 as a place to post about my new 7650 phone and my life in general.


Well I hope I am still blogging here in another year, and maybe I will add more of my 1993/4 entries from hand-written diaries.

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March 22, 2024

Postcard From France

Dear All,

Had a wonderful time for the 21 hours I was in France. The reason I went was to collect my Radio, but my relatives had me take stuff for my Uncle and the bag was heavier going out filled with tools, parsnips, and gravy. View is a photo of the centre of town near my Uncle, although he is in newer section on outskirts. Weather was OK.

Keep Reading, Gadget17

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March 20, 2024

Live From Gatwick

Just a quick update from Gatwick Airport.

I am currently in Departures at Gatwick waiting for my 17:20 flight to Nice. This is to collect my Radio from my Uncle.

Will be back Sunday Evening, when I will close the All About Symbian Photo Contest. It's a shame, as this months contest was "Trains, Planes & Automobiles".

Bye for Now. (Will Post a Postcard here tomorrow hopefully.)

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March 18, 2024

The Sound of Who

I attended the The Sutton And Cheam Radio Society monthly meeting tonight and had an enlightening talk by Dick Mills from the Radiophonic Workshop. He talked about early workshop practises and equipment, through to the later techniques and technology.

Dick Mills worked on special sounds for "The Goon Show" (Spike Milligan's "Major Bloodnok's Stomach"), "Quatermass and the Pit" & "Doctor Who" (Took over from Brian Hodgson in 1972) and more.

Other Links on BBC site for Dick Mills & Radiophonic Workshop.

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From a Mad chat on Mobitopia about watches, we have come up with what we want in a decent watch that got the name the FrankenMobiWatch

• Analogue or Digital
• Solar or Kinetic
• Radio Controlled (From Rugby and or Frankfurt)
• That can switch times zones Automatically (possibly via GPS)
• Small form factor
• Deluxe Options MP3 & USB memory (so that the cheapskates don't have to pay for it if they don't want to! )

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March 17, 2024

Exam Result

Here will be my Amateur Radio Exam Results when I know...

I Passed

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March 16, 2024

Items for Sale

I have decided to have a clear out of some stuff I no longer use or am only getting limited use out of.

If you wish to purchase any of these items, please e-mail me Via this form first and I will mail you back from my normal e-mail address. No Yahoo or Hotmail Addresses.

Serious offers only. Payment via PayPal or Cheques. Postage & Packing will be extra, depending on where sent.

G3 Mac (B&W;) 350MHz, 128Mb Ram, 6Gb HD, TV card, SCSI card, OS9 (OSX ready)
Dell OptiPlex GXa 233MHz, 96Mb Ram, 3Gb HD, Win 98SE
Mac 6200 75MHz PPC 603, 36Mb Ram, 500Mb HD, Ethernet Card
Yamaha QY20 Small, powerful little machine. Comes equipped with a tone generator, fully polyphonic sequencer, drum machines and a bunch of other cool features.
Also Available Mac LCIII, PowerBook 520 & 145 (Both need attention to screens & new batteries), 2 Small Apple Monitors, 15" PC Monitor, 17"PC Monitor
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March 14, 2024

Consumer Credit Counselling Service

Just realised that it's been over a year since I had the Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) sort out my debts for me.

The Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) are not a debt consolidation service and as they are a charity do not charge for their services. So as a way to say thank you for their help, I have posted about them here.

Following is from CCCS website:-

About CCCS

The Foundation for Credit Counselling, based in Leeds, is the umbrella charity for the Consumer Credit Counselling Service in the United Kingdom. Through its free national telephone service and eight centres, CCCS is able to help people with debt problems wherever they live.

Based on a proven and successful formula, our specialist advisory service has already helped thousands of people in the UK by providing counselling on personal budgeting, advice on the wise use of credit and, where appropriate, managing achievable plans to repay debts.

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February 27, 2024

Some iPod Fun

iPod Anonymous is an amusing site for Virtual iPod Fun.

iAshamed is for people to list songs they should have deleted from their iPods.

The site also features The iPod Engraving Utility and The Mini iPod Engraving Utility where you can virtually engrave an iPod.

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February 26, 2024

Different Radio

I have given up on other Radio Stations I have listened to in the past for LBC (97.3fm). It's a Talk/Phone in Radio station and rarely plays music (and usually then because of jingles or adverts).

It's refreshing to listen to a station that is not about the Top40. Instead LBC focuses on items in the news for their phone/text/email-ins.

They also stream live on the Internet (so occasionally they will mention people listening from All Over the World) and broadcast in London on DAB in London.

I also managed a mention recently when I emailed Charlie Jordan. So if you haven't tuned in to LBC yet, why not give them a try.

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February 19, 2024

Dinner Party Guests

At work today whilst I was in the smoking room, an interesting question was posed.

Which Famous people (Dead or Alive) would you invite to a dinner party?

Mine dinner party would have the following guests:-
• Guy Penrose Gibson (Wing Commander) (Well is a namesake)
• Guglielmo Marconi (Inventor)
• Bill Bailey (Comedian)
• Phil Harding (Field Archaeologist)
• Robert Llewellyn (Comedian & TV Presenter)
• Steve Jobs (CEO, Apple CEO, Pixar)
• Thomas Harris (Writer)
• Douglas Adams (Writer)
• Jodie Foster (Actress)
• Jo Brand (Comedienne)

• Leonardo Da Vinvi (Inventor & Artist)
• Micheal Palin (Comedian)
• Nelson Mandela (President)

Well I may add more later, but that enough for now!

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February 18, 2024

Union Action

I didn't want to post before the event, but for 2 days (16-17/02/2024) I was on Strike with my Union PCS over pay.

I joined the picket line outside my office for a hour each day and we had at least 50%+ out on Strike or Leave. To continue action will now be "Working to Rule".

Strike fails to shut job centres (BBC)

Driving tests hit as strike grows (BBC)

Due to ongoing action I am not going to post more details for now

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February 13, 2024


Valentine's                           Day came
one day early this                  year when a
at work gave me      a Chocolate Heart. It
meant only as a friendly gesture as 2 other male
colleagues received them and she has a partner. The
funny thing though was not long after we opened another
of my colleagues said she needed a break as was feeling
faint so she could have something to eat as she hadn't
had breakfast. I quickly thought and made the
suggestion that she had a small piece of my
chocolate heart. She felt a little better
after having the chocolate and we
all had a laugh at the
idea of me sharing
my Heart.
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February 06, 2024

RSS 2.0 Index Now in Full

Thanks to Martin for pointing out to me that some of the feeds for my site were being cropped.

After a pop over to the Movable Type Support forum I found some code to make the posts output in RSS 2.0 Index display the full article.

So if you read this site via a feed the index.xml has been updated.

Click here to Syndicate this site (XML)

[Edit] I have now updated the RSS 1.0 as well. Click here to Syndicate this site (RDF). Also the RDF version contains FOAF data.

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February 03, 2024

Big Brother 5 (UK) recruiting soon

Yes it's that time of year when Channel 4 sets about the mammoth tasks of starting the audtions for Big Brother.

So will we have Memorable characters like the winners Craig (BB1), Brian(BB2), Kate(BB3), Cameron(BB4), and also the non winning characters Nasty Nick, Helen (she likes blinking, she does), Bubble (say no more), Sandy (for peeing in the bin!), Jade (can anyone REALLY be that thick!?).

Also we have had Rich/Poor sides, Secret Room, and the Big Brother Africa swap, so what is in store for Big Brother 5 contestants?

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January 26, 2024

Sir Bill Gates?

Woke up this morning to this Greeting me from my "My Yahoo" page.

Bill Gates to be knighted by queen

LONDON (Reuters) - Microsoft co-founder and chairman Bill Gates will be awarded an honorary knighthood by the queen for an outstanding contribution to enterprise, officials say.

Gates, the world's wealthiest man, will receive the award from the queen at Buckingham Palace, but no date has been set.

"(Gates) is one of the most important business leaders of his age," Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said in a statement on Monday.

"Microsoft technology has transformed business practices and his company has had a profound impact on the British economy," said Straw.

Gates will be made a Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, an honour that dates back to 1917.

But only British and Commonwealth citizens winning the honour are entitled to add Sir in front of their names.

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January 24, 2024

Macky Birthday

Macintosh Computers (made by Apple Computer, Inc.) is 20 Years Old Today.

It was launched by an Advert (edited for 20th birthday) which was made by Alien film Producer/Director (Sir) Ridley Scott whose credits also include Blade Runner, Gladiator, and Hannibal

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January 21, 2024

Curriculum Vitae

Posting a simple version of my CV here. I am not specifically looking for a new job right now, but if the right job came along (with the right pay), I may consider leaving my current job. Part of the reason for this also lies with the fact my Union is pushing for a strike due to a poor pay rise offer.

Personal Details
Name:- Paul - Address:- Sutton, Surrey - Mobile:- +44 (0) 790 155 1616
E-mail:- Click here to E-mail Me (will take you to a mailer form) - Age:- 27

Employment History
5th October 1998 - Present
Civil Service - Administration Officer (And temp at Higher Grade when required)
Maintaining Clerical and Computer Records, being local Systems Admin. for office of 40-50 staff members which usually involves Password Resets, fixing basic Computer/Printer problems, contacting our Computer Centre when something more major occurs, answering enquiries, manning the reception desk, training new and current staff members moving to this section, operating unofficial Tea Club for office staff, and more.

Education History
Thanet Technical College
GCSE English (C), Maths (D), Photography (A)
GNVQ Intermediate in Health and Social Care (Pass)

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January 16, 2024

Do you want Fries with that?

Although I am not the smallest person and know I should try to loose weight, I do enjoy a KFC or Burger King Burger, but I hate the chips and the drinks are little more than water.

So when I order a Zinger Tower Burger I usually ask for it on it's own. I am fed up with the amount of times though that even asking for a "Zinger Burger on it's own Please" is followed up by the person behind the counter with "Do you want Fries with that?".

I am certain that if I had wanted Fries, I would have Not asked for a Burger On It's Own.

Sorry if this seems petty, but needed to get that off my chest!

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January 09, 2024

Sisters Birthday

Today is my Sisters Birthday. She is 21 years old and to celebrate will be going out for some (OK a lot) of drinks tonight.

Have purchased using Amazon.co.uk some DVD's, but as ordered so late, will not arrive til next week. The ones I ordered are Labyrinth (loves watching the Video with our Nephew) and Matilda (I was asked to Video it over Christmas, but mucked it up! Oops!).

I have told her I will not tell her what they are, but if she manages (although I doubt it) to read what she is getting here, then fair enough.

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January 06, 2024

Remote Madness

Just phoned my Digital TV provider about 2 of my remotes (1 standard and 1 keyboard) having stopped working since they upgraded the DigiBox software last month.

When I got through to the faults department, it was an automated line and if you leave your details they would send you replacements at a costs of £12:50 for standard and £30:00 for keyboard.

To me seems stupid that they don't even try to find out what the problem is and just try to charge you for a replacement. When I phoned recently to upgrade my services the very helpful lady said that one of her remotes also stopped after the upgrade. I think I may send to my Uncle in France to test them electrically.

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DVD Collection

Last night, I started watching the 2 DVD's I got for Christmas. Those being
Red Dragon and Gangs of New York.

During the films I got to thinking I need to keep a record of what I have. It was while I was searching for software I came across some which made HTML files. So I decided to see what I could come up with and make a site for my catalogue.

I finally (or at least for now) settled on one called Ant Movie Catalog. It was very easy to set-up and by the end of the second movie (not including a few minor tweaks later) the catalogue was online.

Please feel free to view Gadget17's DVD Collection.

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Tiny URL's for my Pages

http://tinyurl.com/2jv4o = http://www.symbiandiaries.com/gadget17/

http://tinyurl.com/22kea = http://www.gadget17.myby.co.uk/

http://tinyurl.com/3b3he = http://www.symbiandiaries.com/gadget17/pdaindex.html

http://tinyurl.com/3x5eq = http://www.symbiandiaries.com/gadget17/index.wml

http://tinyurl.com/3beqq = http://www.symbiandiaries.com/gadget17/index.rdf

Well that's enough for now, but if you make anymore, please post in comments!

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January 05, 2024

MTOtherBlog (v 0.25)

I was speaking to Ewan on Sunday Night in a chat-room and somewhere in the conversation the idea of making the SymbianDiaries home page pick up recent entries from personal diaries within. I think MTOtherBlog will do the trick.

Hopefully it will work.
  • Update - MTOtherBlog
    • Now Installed
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January 04, 2024

Full-screen calendars in Movable Type

How to make:-
1:- Make "Archive-Related Template" called "Full Screen Calendar" (or something like that), and copy Code from below.
2:- Upload "Calendar CSS" and "Black2.gif" from below.
3:- Go to Blog Config/Archiving and click on "Add New"
4:- Select "Archive Type" "Monthly" and "Template" "Full Screen Calendar"
5:- Change Monthly Archive Type from "Date-Based Archive" to "Full Screen Calendar"
6:- Save and "Rebuild" your Blog (at least the "Monthly Archive")

Hopefully you should the have a full screen calendar rather than a long list of all that months entries, and Good Luck!

Quote from DiveIntoMark:-

Sample: August 2002. Stylesheet: calendar.css. Bullet: black2.gif. (Expected in /images/; change the stylesheet if you put it somewhere else.) Inspiration: Mena Trott. Relevant excerpt from Movable Type monthly template:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=<$MTPublishCharset$>" />

<title><$MTBlogName$>: <$MTArchiveTitle$> Archives</title>

<link rel="stylesheet" href="<$MTBlogURL$>calendar.css" type="text/css">



<div class="largecalendar"><br>
<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" summary="Monthly calendar with links to each day’s posts"><br>
<caption><span class="prevmonth"><MTArchivePrevious><a href="<$MTArchiveLink$>" title="<$MTArchiveTitle$>"><<</a></MTArchivePrevious></span><br>
<$MTEntryDate format="%B %Y"$><br>
<span class="nextmonth"><MTArchiveNext><a href="<$MTArchiveLink$>" title="<$MTArchiveTitle$>">>></a></MTArchiveNext></span><br>
<th class="sun">Sunday</th><br>
<th class="mon">Monday</th><br>
<th class="tue">Tuesday</th><br>
<th class="wed">Wednesday</th><br>
<th class="thu">Thursday</th><br>
<th class="fri">Friday</th><br>
<th class="sat">Saturday</th><br>
<MTCalendar month="this"><br>
<td class="d<$MTCalendarCellNumber$>"><br>
<a class="daytitle" href="<MTEntries lastn="1"><$MTEntryLink$></MTEntries>"><$MTCalendarDay$></a><br>
<MTEntries lastn="1"><br>
<li class="first"><a href="<$MTEntryLink$>"><$MTEntryTitle$></a></li><br>
<MTEntries lastn="999" offset="1"><br>
<li><a href="<$MTEntryLink$>"><$MTEntryTitle$></a></li><br>
<div class="daytitle"><$MTCalendarDay$></div><br>
<MTCalendarIfBlank> </MTCalendarIfBlank><br>
</div> <!--calendar-->


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