April 06, 2024

ZeroIndex Games

OK, so it's been a while since I posted any free Symbian software, so today's comes in the form of ZeroIndex.

They have a number of free games which include BlackJack, Swarm, VideoPoker, Road Pizza, Zombie Mansion. Some are for Nokia series 40 and also for 7650. I am going to test a few soon.

Also for a small charge are Froglet (€5.00) and Swarm2 (€3.00)

On a side note their site won't work properly on Safari Browser for Macintosh.

February 15, 2024

Free J2ME spreadsheet

MicroCalc is a spreadsheet midlet for J2ME devices.

I found this program as wanted a way of logging Amateur Radio calls I hear without having to carry around log books etc. I made a simple SpreadSheet with the info I needed and am about to create a sheet for doing some Amateur Radio calculations.

The Version I am using on my 7650 is the "basic package for general j2me enabled device" and just loaded the microcalc.jad to my phone.

The site lists various phones which MicroCalc should run. These include (but may not be exclusive to) SonyEricsson P800, Motorola iDEN i50sx, Accompli 008/6288, Accompli 388, Nokia 6310i, 3410, 3510i, 7650, 7210, 6100, 6610, 5100, Siemens SL45i, M50, MT50, S55, C55, Sharp TQ-GX10 (limited), Sanyo SCP-4900 (Sprint PCS).

February 11, 2024

Free Mail Checker (WAP/PDA)

Today software isn't really software as such, but is useful links to have in your phone (and even PC).

It's the Mail2web.com pages to check your e-mails. They have a WAP version (http://mail2web.com/wap), PDA version (http://mail2web.com/wap)as well as the standard Web version (http://www.mail2web.com).

Due to spam, I do not check my primary account on Wap, but the others I find useful if I am expecting an e-mail or know there is one waiting for me to read, but left to read for a later time.

February 03, 2024

Free Lines

This entries free software is by Iolan Software (formally Avista.ru) is a simple, small (& free) game for your Series60 mobile phone.

In version 1.10 there is support for playing it on a Nokia 6600 as well as 7650, 3650, 3660, N-Gage, and Siemens SX-1.

There are three game modes Lines (you have to make lines), Blocks (you have to make blocks of pieces), and Squares (don't ask).

For more info and to download the latest version, visit the Iolan Software website.

February 01, 2024

Free Commodore 64 Emulator

Remember the good old days on the old Commodore 64? Now you can re-live those experiences on your Phone with Frodo for S60 (N7650, N3650, etc.) and Nokia 9210 by Hannu Viitala.

It is very good, and even the small screen size doesn't affect gameplay much. You can spend hours playing those classics like Dizzy on your phone again and again. Plus with the support of save states, you can keep trying to get past that last boss on a certain level of a certain game without having to start all over again when you've run out of lives!

It's a great emulator, and every phone should have it - especially when you're on a long train journey!

Also available from Hannu Viitala are Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) for Epoc (& 9210), CDoom, & EMame9210

This article was written by J2K in return for link to his new site:- Symbian Themes

January 31, 2024

Free Vexed

Vexed on 7650/3650Easy to learn to Play, Hard to Master.

Today's Free software is Ewan Spence's Vexed. Using the Open Source OPL Runtime from Symbian this game is brought to you by FreEPOC.

In addition to the main Program (now version 0.60) are some level packs. These include at time of writing:- Level Pack 1 (0.51), Level Pack 2 (0.51) ,Level Pack 3 "First Variety".

Well enough of my babbling, just go play this simply infuriating game!

January 29, 2024

Free Torch Software & More

Well no Free software list for Series 60 phones would be complete without a mention of the software by Ashley Montanaro.

Torch (7650) which does exactly what it says on the tin. It makes the screen of your phone White so you can see in the Dark (I have used on many occasions). Thanks Ashley for helping not trip over!

Next from Ashley is NameSwap (7650). It provides a means to Swap you contacts Firstname & Surname so they are listed in Firstname order on the phone.

Bemused for the Nokia (7650/3650) (also available for Sony Ericsson P800) which allows you to control WinAmp via BlueTooth.

Finally is Forward (7650/3650). This program enables you to send files that have been received to your phone onto others via Bluetooth, infrared, MMS or e-mail, it also includes an option to copy files from the Inbox to somewhere else on the phone.

(Also Voice Control for the Nokia 92xx Communicators)

All The Software Above Is Available To Download Here

January 28, 2024

Free Tetris

Partly because I am a Skin-flint and also as a lot of web-sites don't take Visa-Electron cards, I thought I would start listing some free software that works on my 7650.

I am not sure if anyone else has done this, but I am also doing this so I have somewhere to some to if I need the software again.

The first program I will recommend is a program called Triz and is available from Wellu.org. Wellu Mäkinen has a number of programs availble for download from his site, but my favourite is Triz which is a Tetris clone.

Also available are Lexy West(Backgrounds for the S60), Filebrowser (Filebrowser sourcecode for the S60).