August 01, 1993

Sunday Lie-In

Today being a Sunday, I stayed in bed until about 10 in the morning. Spent most of today indoors watching TV.

I went out for a short period to help Michelle learn to ride a bike. I am sure she is getting a bit better.

My evening was spent getting ready for the camp we will be going on tomorrow until Wednesday and I get to use my new Tent for the first time!

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July 31, 1993

210 Miles

I spent most of the morning cleaning the bathrooms and my half of the bedroom.

In the afternoon I went for an interview at the local Co-op hypermarket. Unfortunately I didn't get the job as I didn't have a national insurance number.

Today I made it to over 210 miles on my mountain bike (not today, in total).

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July 30, 1993

The Day Indoors

Spent even more of today indoors than yesterday, playing games like scrabble.

When I did go out was to change my magazine at the local newsagent from Practical Photography to MacFormat.

In the evening I cooked the meal for the household. I made Cheeseburgers, with chips and sweetcorn.

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July 29, 1993

British Bulldog

Stayed indoors most of day and only went out to a fishing tackle shop with Lee and also I had to get a loaf of bread from local shop.

Later in day, we had a game of British Bulldog in the back garden, and somehow a shirt I was wearing was ruined.

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July 28, 1993

Welcome to My 1993 Diary

Welcome to my diary entries from 2 diary I kept between 1993-1994. They start Mid-year as was given a Student diary which runs from late July 1993.

Due to lack of space the entries were short, but I will within reason rewrite almost word-for-word.

At this time I was in a children's home, under what was called a Voluntary Care Order.

This morning I attended my Therapy session.

Later in the day I went looking for work in the local town with my C.V.s.

In the evening I phoned my Grandad and was told by him that my Uncle wanted to confiscate my Apple II computer. As a punishment, I would recieve an Apple Macintosh.

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