September 05, 2003

The Havana

I just came back from a great party.It was in a local club called The Havan where my DJ friends were performing.It was awesome,the people were happy,the girls were jumping on the tables and dancing were close to each other :) The Drum and Bass remix of Bonnie and Clyde(Original by Jay Z and Beyonce) sounds terrific.

PS:I'm reading a book by Carlos Cataneda,The active side of infinity,i highly recommend it,its a great read.

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September 02, 2003


How do you tell a girl,that you've know for ages,when i say ages i mean something like 15 years,that you had loved her all that time.You can't,can you?Unless something extraordinary happens like a green cute alien landing in your living room while you are watching some lame movie and tells you that you are ment to be together.

BTW:I can't wait for the SE press conference tomorow,i hope they reveal some info about the p810/p900.

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