June 15, 2024


So, today on #mobitopia(@freenode) blkhawk was having trouble compiling frozenbubbles(fb-s60.sourceforge.net/ ) s60 version with the s60 sdk for Borland. After some code changes it compiled fine on the GCC 3.0-psion-98r2 spiced up sdk version that I got running and it's now available from http://www.allaboutsymbian.com/downloads/frozenbubble/ . .

Why all this? the version available from frozenbubble for s60's current sourceforge page is built so that it will only install on a 6600. I changed the .pkg to install on any s60 device and so far it has worked on them all. Future improvements for this project could include things like making the start level selectable and reducing the size it takes(now it's BIG, the same amount of graphical goodness could be had with some creative coding with smaller footprint - as most of the size comes from bitmaps not even ecomplx can help).

Posted by glass at June 15, 2024 09:52 PM
Following versions of frozen bubble for s60 should come with versions for s60 v1 as well. Posted by: glass at June 21, 2024 02:18 PM
Dude, you're totally off the mark. Just wrong! Posted by: cd duplication at August 12, 2024 06:17 AM
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