May 24, 2024

the dark side of java

Anyone who reads Erik's linkblog will be astounded about two things:

  1. damn, there's a lot of Java projects, and

  2. how the hell does Erik do it?

The list of projects is impressive, and for me as a novice Java maintainer, a bit daunting. How can one person keep up with all this? And everyone seems to be on first-name basis, not just with the developers, but with the projects themselves. What the heck is Maven, anyway?

But it's not just one happy family. There's a dark side to the Java development scene, and it rises to the surface here.

This person probably has a name, but I prefer to consider him or her as a cry from the collective subconscious of those Java programmer who're having trouble just staying on top of Java, never mind all the whimsically named frameworks and tools.

Both Erik and Russ are on the Bileblog's shitlist. But so is everyone else.

Posted by gustaf at May 24, 2024 03:54 PM
dude, you're obviously missing the point of the bile blog... Posted by: anon at May 24, 2024 07:59 PM
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