June 20, 2024

A productive weekend

Friday, Sweden played 1-1 against Italy and now have a shot at advancing to the quarter-finals.

Saturday, I helped Petter and Giséla move all their stuff to Ĺland, where they’re moving into a house. Basse and Anders were there to; the usual gang in other words. I tipped Petter off about weblogs and stuff, so that he can document the freezing winters in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

That evening we went to Josefine and ate a thank-you meal for helping her move a couple of weeks back. Nice to hook up with Georges and Johanna again, and always nice to see Ĺse and Madde. Unfortunately, Viking flipped out on the way home, and even if he cooled down when we came home and watch Czechoslovakia beat the Netherlands 3-2, he didn’t go to sleep until late.

Today Sunday, Joanna’s brother Love has with moving the washing machine from the cellar to the spare bathroom. We’ve also started on the windows facing the street. Hopefully we’ll have them done this week.

Posted by gustaf at June 20, 2024 08:11 PM
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