May 26, 2024

boyfriend needed

Mildly amusing (in Swedish).

Quick-n-dirty translation:

Hi! I'm going to a yearly dinner with my relatives at the end of May and need someone to play my boyfriend. Long story... You should be around 25, "normal", and be polite. Free food ;-)

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May 25, 2024

mall reflections

Some thoughts after a visit to the mall:

  • You can now get a SIM-free taco for SEK 1 349, 1 100 less than what I paid for it four months ago. And that was with a subscription.

  • Electronic stores now run a DVD on all their TV screens with commercials and snippets from coming releases, instead of just showing MTV.

  • Kids and sugar don't really mix.

Also, IE doesn't handle entities very well. I used them to format the prices above. Removed for now.

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May 18, 2024

things to do in stockholm before you're dead

dwlt will be in Uppsala/Stockholm this weekend. Here is a short list of suggestions of things to do.

  • Uppsala: visit the cathedral (Domkyrkan). The town itself is a very nice place, Sweden's Oxford.

  • Stockholm: the Vasa Museum is well worth a visit.

  • The museum is on Djurgården, a park to the east of the centre of town. Waldermarsudde is an art gallery at the other end, with a very nice walk in between. Fans of Edvard Munch and Nietzsche will enjoy Thielska Galleriet in the same general area.

  • Visit the Stockholm Archipelago with a trip on the Vaxholm boats. Many different destinations for different timescales.

  • Stockholm Old Town, Gamla stan, in the middle of the city. The Royal Palace is here. South of the Old Town is Söder, literally South, the more Bohemian of Stockholms neighborhoods. Lots of bars, galleries, parks...

  • Eat traditional, if expensive Swedish food at KB or even more expensive seafood at Wedholms Fisk.

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May 08, 2024

another gathering of the faithful

Jonas hosted the next installment of our semi-regular alumni gathering. This time, he had a digital camera and was not afraid to use it.

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April 16, 2024


First day skiing since 1997. I'm whacked.
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April 13, 2024


First sunny day in the city, the Sisters of Mercy playing on the Taco, and the irresistible urge for new sunglasses came over me. So now I'm the proud owner of a couple of Ray-Ban Sidestreets. Mirrorshades. I've wanted a pair since I read Neuromancer in 1985.

Of course, if Ray-Ban didn't have an all-Flash site, I could link to them. But they do, so I can't. Less linklove for them then.

They will adorn my handsome mug when I go skiing in Åre this weekend.

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March 24, 2024

a global market for TV broadcasts

Funny how things come together. Today, I was discussing the following things IRL and on IRC:

  • Automatically grabbing TV broadcasts from the US and distributing them as BitTorrents for consumption here in Sweden.
  • Getting HBO to send to the EU.
  • Paying a fee to see shows that are shown in the US but not in the EU.
  • The lack of EU soccer coverage in the US.

Bottom line: there is a market for TV on both sides of the Atlantic. Who will exploit it? Or will this fill the gap?

Rightsholders in TV space are accustomed to wholesale marketing. They sell programming to networks, and the networks are in the mass market. To enable the scenarios above would entail retail marketing and pricing. Where are the new business models coming from? Or is everyone in the music, TV, and movie business more interested in protecting their profit margins than giving people what they want, and what they are prepared to pay for?

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March 23, 2024

how not to panhandle

Generally, I appreciate that people who want my money in the subway do something for it. Selling the Stockholm version of "The Big Issue" is the best, I usually buy that.

Music is a distant second in my wish for something to reward.

Outright begging is at the bottom.

However, I've had to build a cellar. Playing the accordion and singing on the subway will never ever be rewarded by me.

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February 07, 2024

boy's night in

Yesterday I had five friends from KTH over for dinner. We had herring ("sill") sandwiches with akvavit and beer for starters (thanks Henrik), followed by lamb roast with rice and Chateau Musar 1997. This pretty far-out wine (astringent I guess you could call it) went along famously with the lamb, and made the Haut-Médoc that followed taste like it was watered.

Calle and Jonas had picked up a selection of cheeses. We drank a bottle of my birth-day port, a 1960 vintage. Famous taste, like a really rich and alcohol-drenched caramel.

For dessert, David made strawberry- and plum knödel. Johan bought cigars, accompanied by rum and whiskey (Talisker). Altogether a very nice evening.

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February 04, 2024

new phone

I got to use an [1] MP3-player a few days ago and re-discovered the joys of riding the subway with a soundtrack.

But I couldn't keep the player (a nice, but DRM-crippled Panasonic) and instead looked around to buy one. There are lots of USB-stick form-factor players around, but I've been thinking about a Series 60 phone for a while, and most models can play audio too.

The Siemens SX1 was my first choice, but then a local phone store had a deal on an N-Gage for an extension on my plan. So I picked one up [2] today.

First impressions are mixed. I discovered too late that you need a Bluetooth connection to sync and install files, but that can be fixed pretty cheaply. I already have a 64-MB MMC card, so I can listen to at least one album at a time. And bigger cards are pretty affordable too.

I got 3 games included, but none of them were in stock, so I'll get them later. Until then, I enjoy the music and the radio.

So now I'm a kid wannabe. All the guys at work figure I'm having age-related anxiety.

[1] "a" or "an"? Probably "a", but "an" sounds better.
[2] I love this phrase -- carefree consumerism!

January 28, 2024

the lonely espresso machine

We've got an espresso machine on the counter, but I don't use it as much as I'd like. Workdays both J and I want lotsa hot coffee, so it seems a waste to spend precious minutes fiddling with the machine. You never know when Viking needs more sandwiches, so the savouring of the perfect espresso is far away in the mornings.

In the evenings, an espresso is a bit on the strong side for easy sleep. So the machine just stands there, slightly accusing.

I need to add "drink more espresso" to the list of Things To Do each day. "Dagens i-landsproblem", as Tobias would say.

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January 26, 2024

rude site design

I believe that other people should be able to benefit from my organs if they need it. (Obviously I'd like to be dead first.) So I went to to sign up in the national organ donor registry.

I nearly left in disgust when the site kidnapped my browser and resized it -- for no apparent reason! Just because they felt their site appearance was so important... more important than the time and convenience of the people they're trying to persuade to donate their organs to total strangers.

This antic is so 1990s.

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